We’ve been reading your comments on our blog posts (Hey!  Thanks for reading!) and it’s clear that a fast IFTA program is important, but we’re getting a lot of people asking some pretty smart questions.  They want more than just a fast IFTA program.

Let’s talk about what else TruckingOffice will do for you.

More Than Just a Fast IFTA Program

The information that an IFTA program requires is pretty simple:

  • Miles Per State
  • Fuel Purchases.

The IFTA program should be updated every quarter to also include all the jurisdiction’s current tax rates.

Then the computer does its thing and voila! you’ve got an IFTA report.  No more extra calculations, no more worry that you’ve done it wrong.

You do know that those same numbers get used in a lot of different ways, right?  Of course you do.

  • Miles per state – needed for IRP.
  • Fuel purchases – needed for load expenses and maybe for fuel reimbursements.

So why would you want to have to recompute those numbers again and again?  Isn’t that the whole point of a computer?  We should be able to put in the numbers only 1 time and let the computer figure out all those things for us.

Invoices and Billing Management

That’s what TruckingOffice trucking management software does.  From the moment that the first keystroke entering a new load into the TruckingOffice system, we’ve got those numbers working hard.

Our routing system doesn’t only tell the driver where to take the load, it also tracks the load with the TruckingOffice ELD system.  Then it takes the miles per state and records them for IFTA and for IRP.

Once you’ve added a load, the invoice and billing modules will prepare the paperwork – you’ll have a completed invoice as soon as you add in any additional expenses that need to be included on the invoice. Your BOL can be attached as an image and you can get your invoice out to the shipper before you leave the shipping yard.  Yes, that’s right.  You can manage your invoices from the cab of your truck.

Stuck waiting for the freight to be loaded?  Check the billing status of your invoices.  If you’ve got a past due invoice, then you can send a reminder from your smartphone.  Need to add some expenses?  You’re not going anywhere, so take care of them now.

Maintenance Records and Scheduling

The DOT has requirements regarding truck maintenance records.  You’ve got it covered with TruckingOffice.  Enter the work as it’s done, and schedule reminders for future maintenance tasks quickly and easily.  It doesn’t matter if you need to schedule your brakes based on the mileage driven or your suspension on months.  TruckingOffice tracks both easily.  If you’re audited, you won’t have any worries – you’ll be able to pull up the information before they’re done asking for it.

It will be sweet to be able to plan ahead and schedule your work with a shop or garage you know and trust.  And best of all, it doesn’t cost any more for this module – it’s standard with TruckingOffice.

Trucking Business Reports

Every business has its own accounting quirks.  It’s not like a manufacturer needs a miles per state report, right?  Truckers have a lot of data that can help them know if their business is making money and what’s hurting them – but what good is it if you can’t get to it?  That’s the power of TruckingOffice trucking management software solution.  We manage the data for you and give it to you in ways that you can use.  Looking for a P&L (profit and loss statement)?  That’s easy.  Need a company overview that tracks your deadhead miles, your miles per load and expenses per mile?  You won’t find that on QuickBooks.

But if you’ve got an accountant who wants to use QuickBooks, we’ve got a slick interface that will let you download the data so that they can use QuickBooks to… well, you know, whatever it is that accountants use QuickBooks for.

Fast IFTA Program?  It can’t be better than TruckingOffice TMS.

We haven’t even mentioned everything that TruckingOffice can do for your trucking business.

  • Driver records management and settlements
  • Load tracking
  • Customer lists
  • And even more!

There’s a lot more than just a super fast IFTA program in TruckingOffice – and it does it without re-entering any data.  So give our free trial a chance to show you how TruckingOffice TMS can help you make your trucking business the best it can be.



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