There are four parts to IFTA fuel tax forms: mileage, fuel, state and filing date. This does not sound complicated, at least, not until you realize the information needs to be filled out for each and every trip. Fortunately, our inexpensive TruckingOffice software makes it easy for trucking companies to stay in compliance even with IFTA fuel tax reporting requirements—we all know that noncompliance and inaccurate records can be extremely expensive!


IFTA fuel tax forms require detailed information of each trip. This form requests reasonable things like start and ending dates, the origination, and destination. However, required information also includes routes of travel, beginning and ending odometer readings, total miles, and miles in each jurisdiction. Miles are broken down between taxable and nontaxable miles.

Fuel Receipts

Full information on fuel receipts must be kept for IFTA compliance. Date of purchase, type and amount of fuel, and sellers’ name are some of the requirements. Companies using tax-paid bulk storage must record each fuel withdrawal.

States and Fuel Tax Reporting Periods

Every state collects its fee. These complex quarterly calculations are due at the end of the month following the quarter. For the first quarter, the IFTA forms and payment must be mailed or paid at the tax office in each state by April 30. Fortunately, TruckingOffice software makes preparing these documents effortless, tracking income, charges, mileage and expenses of each load.


Penalties can be very high for noncompliance with IFTA fuel tax reporting. For example, an auditor from the state of Florida can estimate miles driven and lower the miles per gallon to four. The state can disallow credit for taxes paid in other states if valid fuel receipts are not provided, and may even suspend or revoke IFTA privileges.

There is no reason to attempt this paperwork nightmare by hand accounting. TruckingOffice software is a simple one-step process that compiles IFTA fuel tax records automatically from information already in the system. This data meets or exceeds state requirements.

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