First snow at my house Spare tire with snow at Allen's house

We got our first snow on the ground today in Canton, Ohio.  Winter always has a way of creeping up on us.  Are your trucks ready for winter?

Here’s a list of a few things that you should check on your trucks before it gets really cold.

  • Check your anti-freeze in your radiator.  Make sure you have the correct mixture of water and anti-freeze.
  • Check your tires.  Make sure you have enough tread for the snow and make sure you check the air pressure.  The change in temperatures will cause your tire pressure to change slightly.
  • Drain all of your air tanks.  During summer moisture builds up in the air tanks even if you have an air dryer, then the moisture will freeze in the winter causing your brakes to freeze overnight.  Another trick that I used to do is poor alcohol into the air lines from the compressor so that the moisture doesn’t freeze.
  • If you do any trucking in the mountains make sure you have your snow chains on board.
  • Keep some extra supplies in the truck in case you have an unexpected break down on the road.  Suggestions: flares, snow shovel, snow boots, extra warm clothes, extra blankets, and some extra food and water.

Winter is always hard on the trucks and the drivers.  Being prepared makes it easier to deal with.  What are some other things that you do to get your trucks ready for winter?

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