LTL Capability in New TruckingOffice Pro

SAN ANTONIO – August 18, 2014 – TruckingOffice today announced its new online management software for the trucking industry, TruckingOffice Pro. Designed to meet customer demand for more complex hauling and load planning, TruckingOffice Pro offers advanced load planning capabilities so users can track both full truck load (FTL) and less than truckload (LTL) hauling.

Thousands of trucks already rely on TruckingOffice’s online management software and the new capabilities expand the ability to mix and match hauling according to company needs.

TruckingOffice Pro now with LTL capability that will help with complex load planning.

Introducing TruckingOffice Pro – now with LTL capability to get your trucks on the road for more revenue per load.

TruckingOffice Pro allows users to build a trip with more than one load and track IFTA miles, driver settlement and invoice multiple customers. With the increased functionality of TruckingOffice Pro, users can still expect the same easy-to-use, streamlined technology found in TruckingOffice Basic, based on trucking terminology rather than complicated accounting vernacular.

“Our software has 20 years of real-world trucking experience behind it and was designed to make it easy to run a small trucking company,” said Allen Campbell, founder, TruckingOffice.

“The new TruckingOffice Pro allows our customers to easily track and invoice for their complex hauling while ultimately creating efficiencies and maximizing profits.”

TruckingOffice will be showcasing its new software at the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) in Dallas August 21 – 23 in booth #11056. Pricing for the new TruckingOffice Pro starts at $30 per month. For a 30-day free trial of TruckingOffice Pro, please visit

Founded in 2005 by a trucker with real-world experience, TruckingOffice trucking management software is ideal for owner operators, small fleets, and complex load planning. Built to help small trucking companies succeed in a competitive market, the easy-to-use and intuitive online application can dispatch loads, create invoices, track expenses, pay drivers and record vehicle maintenance. For more information, please visit

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