Fifteen hundred miles from home, Joe finds out he is close to broke and buying enough fuel to finish the job is too close for comfort.

Invoices are easy with TruckingOffice.

You need fuel for the truck like you need money for the business. TruckingOffice can keep track of both.

That doesn’t make any sense – he’s been running regular lanes, never had a problem until now.  What changed?

What changed was one of his regulars isn’t paying regularly any more.  Once Joe gets home and looks at his spreadsheet and his invoices stack, he realizes that he’d been paid for everything he’d billed – but he has three trips he hasn’t billed yet.  The problem isn’t his customers not paying, it is Joe who didn’t send the bill.  And the last invoice he sent was to the wrong shipper – no wonder he didn’t get paid.

Those invoices get sent out right away, but Joe knows he’s got to find a solution to the problem.

TruckingOffice Invoices Help Joe Save the Day (and his bank balance)

Joe’s friend Mark told him about a trick he’d picked up from TruckingOffice.  He uses his cell phone to send a picture of the bill of lading to the customer along with an emailed invoice.  Mark sends himself the picture to keep a copy on his computer for his records.

Joe’s been using TruckingOffice for his record keeping.  He used it for his IFTA reports all last year and saved a lot of headaches.  The reports help him to get shipments that will make him money and avoid some costly mistakes.  But he’s never bothered learning about how TruckingOffice also can manage the money with the invoice module.

Using TruckingOffice, Joe can create a customized invoice with the exact terms for each shipper.   With the click of a couple of buttons, an invoice is created and sent to the consignees. He doesn’t even have to go home to do the billing – he sat in a traffic jam on I-80 and billed for the load he just dropped off – from his smartphone.  That spreadsheet and word processing program at home just became history.

By the time Joe gets home – via Las Vegas, Billings and Chicago – the check is on his desk.

You can discover what TruckingOffice can do for your billing with your free 30 day trial.  Put in the next ten shipments you deliver and bill with our system – you won’t go back to spreadsheets and word processors.

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