It’s the new year and based on some scientific study, if you made a new year’s resolution, it’s likely you already broke it.  Yes, someone paid for that study.  We could have told them that.  But if your resolution was to be more organized in your trucking business, a complete transportation management system is still in your future.

What should a complete transportation management system include?

All the obvious stuff.

  • Invoices
  • Past due invoices
  • Routing
  • Maintenance records
  • IFTA reports.

It wouldn’t be complete without those.  But would it be good enough?

You’re not just managing invoices and routes and equipment and taxes.  You’re managing a business.

A trucking business needs an accounting method, dispatch and load management, and maintenance management.  But it also needs ways to be sure that you’re making money.

It’s not about the revenue per mile.  It’s about the profit per mile.

IFTA Reports and Business Reports

You’re tracking your mileage for the IFTA reports.  But did you ever think that the same data can be used in many other ways?

Yes, the IRP.  But not only that.  Those numbers can also show you some important other facts.

  • How much does it cost me to drive my truck?
  • How much do I make per mile?
  • Am I making a profit?
  • Should I take that load?

Basing your next load on your historical data, you can decide if you should take a load.  You don’t always get the high-paying loads.  Or if you get one, are you going to get another high-paying load for the way back? What can you afford to take?

How much do you need per mile?

The dispatch numbers can tell you that and a lot more.  But you have to know what to do with them.  That’s why a complete transportation management system is necessary.  Get a program that only does the IFTA and you’ll never know your revenue per mile.  Get a program that only manages your equipment repairs and maintenance and you’ll never know what loads are making you the most money.

Someday, we’ll figure out the formula to decide if many short loads with lower pay are better than fewer high-priced, long distance loads.  In the meantime, we have to work with the data we have.  You have what you need to decide right now about the next load.  But you need to know how to find it.

If you’re not using a trucking management software that can show your revenue per mile, then you need a different software.

Trucking management solutions, not just software

TruckingOffice is a complete transportation management system with features that make every aspect of running your business easier.

  • Simplicity.  We designed TruckingOffice with simple point-and-click features that are almost effortless to learn. Plus, we have a staff of customer support specialists who are only a toll-free call away if you ever have a question.
  • Security.  Your records are stored in the cloud and safeguarded by an army of cyber-security experts. Does this mean it’s absolutely safe? Well, let’s put it this way: if a giant meteor strikes the earth, then you may have cause for worry. Anything short of that, you can sleep easy knowing your priceless business data is under lock and key, where no one can get to it but you.
  • Practicality. This is where TruckingOffice really stands apart from the crowd. As you know, there are plenty of general-purpose business software packages on the market.  But more than just a trucking software, TruckingOffice also offers an ELD that integrates with the software package to be sure that your IFTA and IRP reports are exactly right.

But TruckingOffice transportation management system was created from the ground up by and for transportation professionals like yourself. It offers capabilities you just won’t find in Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, or similar products.

We could talk all day about our TruckingOffice transportation management system. But the best way to find out about it is to take it for a free test drive. After that, if you don’t agree that it’s the best product of its kind on the market, then you walk away owing us nothing.

If you made that New Years resolution to get your trucking business organized, then it’s not too late. Give our transportation management system a try starting today.

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