Did you make a New Years Resolution to be more organized this year?  There’s no better time than at the start of a new year to figure out new ways to organize a trucking business for success. 

Chances are, if you made that resolution, you may have already forgotten it.  Or you’re facing the challenges that the resolution requires.   Either way, it’s still important for you to be organized.  So what do you need to keep that resolution?

Owner-operators are busy individuals.  It can be difficult to find time to learn about resources at their disposal. But when they get their own authority, it’s critical to have the tools that work. The right trucking software organizes their business for success.

Seamless Dispatch to Invoices

Trucking dispatch software must make it easy to create accurate invoices from dispatches. Invoices have to show extra fees, such as fuel surcharges. Users should be able to easily add, view or edit customer data. Using the dispatch information through routing to invoice makes running a transportation business smoother.

Trucking Software Offers Maintenance Tracking

Ask ten truckers what their biggest concern is. Nine and a half of them will say “maintenance.” 

As important as invoicing is, tracking maintenance spending should be a central part of any trucking software.  Trucking software like TruckingOffice allows owner-operators to construct preventative maintenance plans. Preventative maintenance is crucial to optimize their trucking business for success because it’s not as costly as emergency maintenance. 

Maintenance keeps owner-operators and their rigs on the road.  They must keep records of work that has been done (along with any warranties). Lots of programs can track that. But scheduling future work helps a trucker avoid the on-the-road emergency, or pay for work that they shouldn’t have to. 

Easy Driver Settler Management

In this current employment situation, getting and keeping good drivers isn’t easy.  Remember, people don’t quit jobs, they quit bad managers.  The one thing that a trucking manager can’t forget or mess up is paying the drivers. 

Trucking software that offers driver settler management capabilities prevents inaccuracies and duplicates. Trucking software with driver settler management capabilities tracks driver payment status. Fleet managers and owner-operators with their own authority can print and email PDFs that include summaries containing all details used to generate correct settlements. Trucking software that offers driver settler management is a key resource for paying drivers the right amount, once.

Get Organized Using TruckingOffice Software Today! Free Trials Are Available Now!

Owner-operators may be opposed to using trucking software. They may think it’s too expensive and they can manage with a few free spreadsheets they’ve made with Google.  

But ask them, honestly, which makes them more money? Is it their time on the road or the time it takes to manage a dozen or more spreadsheets that can’t tell them

  • Revenue per trip
  • Revenue per mile
  • Expenses per mile

The most critical number a trucker can know is how much it costs per mile to run their rig. 

  • Without that knowledge, how can they know what loads to take and what to turn down?
  • Can their spreadsheets do that? 
  • How long will it take them to program that on a Google spreadsheet?

Lots of questions.  That’s especially the case when owner-operators don’t know how to program a spreadsheet.  

TruckingOffice provides all the answers to those questions and more. That’s because TruckingOffice is built by truckers, for truckers. You’ll discover how easy it is without hours of learning and setup. 

That’s why owner-operators interested in learning more about TruckingOffice can start a free trial today. You’ll see firsthand the effects a robust trucking software can make.

Don’t forget your New Year’s Resolution this year.  Let TruckingOffice make it easy for you to succeed!

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