Trucking software for owner operators is a must-have for modern transportation professionals. If you’re a company driver, or just someone interested in becoming a trucker, then now is a great time to join the ranks of self-employed truckers. Before you take the leap, though, it makes sense to have all your ducks in a row first. To help with this process, we offer the following tips:

  1. Remember that becoming an owner-operator is a big financial investment. So be sure you have either the cash or the credit to get your own truck. If you don’t, then it’s best to spend a few years as a company driver first. That way you can get a feel for the industry and for whether you would like to make trucking your career.
  2. Don’t jump into a lease-to-own deal before doing your homework. While some of these plans offer great opportunities, others come with hidden drawbacks that are buried in the contract’s fine print. So, before signing your name to anything, be sure you understand the deal thoroughly. Check online reviews and ask other truckers for their feedback.
  3. Remember that there’s plenty of work out there, so you can afford to be a little choosy about the deals you take. Some companies may promise you plenty of miles and great rates, only to go back on their word after you’re committed to delivering their freight.
  4. One of the benefits of our trucking software for owner operators is that it makes staying on top of your truck maintenance easy. The more you drive, the sooner your truck will need service and repairs. And it’s not just the number of miles that count; it’s the driving conditions, as well. Bad roads, congested traffic, and extra-heavy freight can take a major toll on a rig. This is all the more reason to be cautious before committing to a deal.
  5. Remember that other truckers are your colleagues. The trucking world is a tight-knit society of men and women who share a common passion. So be a good member of this community by practicing safe driving skills, being courteous both on and off the road, and by taking opportunities to build friendships and business networks. Many of the best routes you’ll ever find will come to you by word-of-mouth.
  6. Take care of your body as well as your rig. Having great routes, great rigs, or great trucking software for owner operators are all useless if you’re laid up with health problems. Greasy foods, lack of exercise, and poor sleeping habits can run you into the ground quickly. Sadly, these are all common hazards in the transportation industry. You can protect yourselves from their ill effects by eating right, getting as much physical activity as possible both on and off the road, and by maintaining a regular schedule however you can. Fortunately, many truck stops now offer fitness equipment, on-site healthcare professionals, and lighter fare on their restaurant menus. Use these resources to take care of yourself. This may be the most important investment you ever make during your trucking career.
  7. The modern world is always changing. Technology affects every aspect of our lives, including how we earn a living. This is where trucking software for owner operators can make all the difference. With it in your corner, you’ll spend much less time doing paperwork and more time behind the wheel.

For these reasons and more, we’re proud to offer a 30-day free test drive for our TruckingOffice software. If, after a month, you don’t find that our product is everything we say it is, then just walk away. We won’t ask for your credit card or checking account information unless you decide to continue with us. So get on the road to a successful career by starting with TruckingOffice today.

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