Handling the accounting within any business is often a long and arduous task, and this can be especially true in trucking. There are multiple factors to consider in trucking accounting, including IFTA fees, mileage, fuel, and much more. With so many factors to juggle, it is often beneficial to invest in efficient trucking software. 

How Trucking Software Can Help

When it comes to managing various figures involved in trucking, efficiency is key. Since there are many moving parts and factors, they can often be difficult to manually track. Trucking software can help you streamline your trucking business through automated tracking services in all areas of the business. 

Streamlined Invoicing

You probably have a manual way of keeping track of various expenses due or overdue, but what if all of this was tracked for you? Software like TruckingOffice can track all of your various invoices to let you know what costs are coming up, what is potentially overdue, and even generate professional invoices with your company name. This helps free up time so that employees can focus on other important tasks. 

Visible Expense Tracking

Manual expense tracking can be a sinkhole for time and money in trucking management. With all the moving parts and costs, it can become a full-time job to keep track of all these expenses. Fortunately, the software can automate expense tracking and make it extremely easy. Whoever needs to view the expenses can quickly pull up the report to see where every dollar has gone. 

Maintenance Records

Heavy maintenance costs come part and parcel with running a trucking business, and it is important to keep these accurately tracked and recorded. Software gives you precise details on every little bit of maintenance. Whether you need to see costs of repairs, oil changes, or any other type of work, you can view it at the click of a mouse. 

Easy Truck Tracking 

By tracking your fleet with Trucking Office, you will have more visibility over your trucks than ever. The truck tracking will let you know about various upcoming costs, such as maintenance or taxes. This way, you can properly prepare for those costs without them surprising you. 

Driver Tracking 

Gone are the days of having to manually track dispatching with a pen and paper. By using software, dispatch tracking can become a breeze. It will allow you to track varying driver pay rates, taxes, weight fees, and more. You can see whatever information you need to see as soon as you need it, and without you needing to manually compile it. Instead of having to locate which truck, which driver, pay rate, destination, etc, you can do a simple search and have this information right in front of you.

Revenue Records

Trucking software can quickly generate accurate revenue records to let you know the current financial standings. You can see exactly how much money is coming in, as well as how much needs to go out. This allows you to see the present profit margins and provide data you can use to make any necessary changes. 

Time is Money: TMS and Simplified Accounting Can Help You Reduce Expenses

Smart business owners realize the importance of reducing overhead and increasing efficiency.  But, they don’t want to jeopardize the quality of their product or service. This holds true for the trucking industry as well.  

The trucking business presents unique accounting challenges not encountered in other organizations. Fortunately, trucking software is a viable solution to their specific business management needs.  

Here are some of the ways a TMS helps reduce expenses:

  •  Reduces paperwork and labor costs associated with invoicing.
  •  Eliminates human error on reports, etc.
  •  Tracks vehicle maintenance to help avoid costly repairs.
  •  It helps drivers avoid situations that will result in late deliveries or costly downtime.
  •  Provides the data dispatch needs to help plan routes and avoid deadheading.
  •  Prevents penalties or fines by ensuring timely IFTA and IRP reports and payments.
  •  Creates accurate revenue records that help you see where your money is going.
  •  Easily generates profit and loss statements or other reports.
  •  Provides real-time data that can be used in other aspects of your operation.
  •  It helps you provide the best service possible to your customers to ensure repeat business.

Do you already have trucking software? Are you satisfied with how it addresses your companies needs? If not, take a few minutes to check out our TruckingOffice TMS solution.

Try TruckingOffice Today

If you are looking for a good way to handle your accounting, look no further than TruckingOffice. Our trucking software can help you streamline your accounting, freeing up your time to concentrate on the bottom line, and other important matters. TruckingOffice can track fuel and miles by state, generate any date range of IRP reports, and compile virtually any other information you need. We even offer a free 30-day trial to show how greatly TruckingOffice can benefit your trucking business. Take your trucking business to the next level of efficiency by trying our software today.

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