A recent piece of trucking industry news should be enough to give any transportation professional grounds for concern. A recent study shows that distracted driving is on the upswing along busy corridors of the nation like I-95. While drivers of passenger vehicles are often the culprits when it comes to this problem, the sad fact is that truckers must also bear their share of the blame when it comes to this problem and be proactive about their role on the road. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re behind the wheel of a big rig:

Texting while driving is distracted while driving.

Texting while driving is distracted while driving.

  • Make sure you’ve had enough rest. Nothing will distract you faster than fighting to stay awake while you’re on the job. Remember that coffee and other stimulants have a very limited effect on alertness, so don’t rely on these substances to make up for inadequate rest. If you’re a solo driver, then you could consider getting a partner to help share the load.
  • Make sure that any loose items are secured before starting on a trip. Flying papers, CDs, etc. will take your attention away from the road long enough for tragedy to occur. Use aftermarket products like visor organizers if necessary to make sure everything stays in place while the truck is moving.
  • The fatal hazards of cell phone use while driving are widely known and publicized, but this continues to be an issue in the trucking industry and among the general public. In one high-profile case, a driver who lost control of his rig was looking at steamy pictures of women on his smartphone. Don’t be like that guy. If you must use your phone (or tablet or laptop for that matter), then get off the road first. Show you’re a true professional in the way you conduct yourself at all times while behind the wheel.

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