Owning a fleet of trucks can be very problematic.  If you have owned a fleet of trucks for a while then you know what I mean.  Every day it seems like there are just multiple problems all day long.  Everything from driver issues to customer related issues to sales problems.  Some days everything is going wrong: drivers are running late, loads are being cancelled then other customers are adding loads – and just when you get all of that under control one of the trucks breaks down far from the home terminal.  Managing a fleet of trucks is a very challenging juggling act sometimes.  So it’s understandable that in the daily grind it is easy to neglect the big picture.  Things like IFTA, preventive maintenance, DOT compliance, driver pay-roll, and taxes are often the difference between success and failure.  As with most problems better management will equal better results.  Truckingoffice provides the tools to better manage all of these daily problems, so that the big picture will take care of itself.  Whether you have a small fleet and manage it solo, or a large fleet with a staff to help TruckingOffice puts all the pieces of the puzzle together.

IFTA management – automatic miles provided by PC*Miler

Dispatch – track everything from every trip: customers, drivers, trucks, shippers, consignees, and all the fees

Invoicing – one click invoicing tied to dispatches for easy editing

Expenses – track expenses for taxes – formatted fuel expense for IFTA gallons by state

Maintenance Plans – Scheduled maintenance is cheaper than roadside repairs

Networking – effortless – you can have as many terminals as you want – no additional cost

Users – as many as you want – no additional cost

Managing all of these problems in one location will get every one on the same page and reduce stress.  It will also improve DOT compliance, IFTA management, driver management, and tax records.

If you are just starting to build your fleet of trucks then those of us that are a little further down the road would like to tell you to get started on the right foot.  The small price that you will pay for trucking management software is pennies on the dollar to what you will spend in over payments on your IFTA tax forms, DOT fines, vehicle maintenance, and other taxes.

Get started now.  Free Trial.

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