Has this ever happened to you?  The invoice you sent out – and need to get your payment right away – gets stuck in some kind of accounting snafu?  Instead of 30 days, you’re waiting more than 90 days out to get your money.  Whether you call it a dispatch error or an invoice mistake, you’re feeling the pain.  The longer it takes to get resolved, the more likely it is that I’ll lose critical information – like the bill of lading – and further reduce my chances of getting paid.  That’s the problem with waiting to get home to manage the billing:  it’s too easy for it to go wrong.  You need a good trucking dispatch software to prevent these things from happening.

Not all trucking dispatch software is created equal

There are entire industries built out there that say they make trucking easy.  Whether it’s that leaky storage system you can’t use for your food on the road or that ridiculous map organizer your mother-in-law bought you for Christmas – last year – there are people and businesses who want your money but don’t give you good value.  You want to make your life on the road better.  We want to make your life on the road better than it ever has been – with a trucking dispatch and invoicing program that is worth the investment.

TruckingOffice stands apart from the crowd by offering an unbeatable combination of features designed to give you an edge on the competition. Here’s what we mean:

  • TruckingOffice gives you all the data you need about a particular shipment.  It will include pickup and arrival times, contents, special instructions, and the name of the client. That way, you’ll always know what’s going on, with at-a-glance convenience.
  • TruckingOffice also stays on top of your fuel expenses, giving you current information from all over the country.  Want to discover ways to save?  This is a great way to analyze your expenses.
  • TruckingOffice allows you to keep accurate client information in a timely manner. This is crucial because even a small mistake can hinder important communications between you and your customers.  Avoid angry disputes – or even worse. You’ll never have that problem when you use our trucking dispatch software.
  • Getting paid is essential to staying in business. This, in turn, requires effective, organized invoice creation tools like the ones you’ll find in TruckingOffice. Prevent needless delays and aggravating cash flow problems.
  • Paying your people accurately and on time is essential to preventing staff turnover. That’s why we built powerful features into TruckingOffice to keep track of all your compensation records. TruckingOffice even deducts advances from pay amounts for you.
  • Nothing can derail a trucking company faster than problems with fuel tax authorities. TruckingOffice won’t free you from your IFTA obligations, but it will make paying these fees as stress-free as possible with per-route calculations that eliminate the guesswork and prevent costly fines.

Dispatch or Invoice software?

For TruckingOffice users, dispatches and invoices are exactly the same time.  You don’t send out a truck or accept a load unless you’re sure you’re going to be paid.  A dispatch is an invoice in our system.  So whatever you call it, you should rely on it to help you get paid in a timely way!

You get all these benefits and more in an ultra-secure cloud-based format that safeguards your information with the same tools used by Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Start using our trucking dispatch software today with a free trial, and get on the road to a brighter tomorrow.

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