Maybe you’re a new trucker. Maybe you’ve got a million miles under you. Either way, it’s time to make your trucking business plan for 2024.

Why We Need a Trucking Business Plan

Can you imagine getting a load and not being told the delivery location?

That’s essentially what we do when we don’t have a business plan for our trucking businesses. The classic question, “How will you know when you get there, if you don’t know where you’re going?” proves the point.

It’s critical to look at your trucking business and examine the current economic situation. The current trucking recession changes everything we’ve planned in the past, especially if a business plan was based on 2021-22 trucking rates.

Last Year’s Business Plan

Regardless of last year’s rates, reviewing last year’s trucking business plan is simply smart. Changes might not need to be made. But a review of the past year gives any business owner – especially a truck owner operator working for themselves. Knowing the key numbers for your business gives you insight in how to make changes to improve.

That’s why TruckingOffice PRO produces Trucker Stats™.

These statistics look at the entire picture of your trucking business. It’s not just about what’s in your pocket at the end of the year.

  • It’s about your cash flow. Did you have to use a factoring service to cover costs for the next load because you had unpaid invoices?
  • It’s about truck maintenance. Did you have on-the-road breakdowns? Or have to use an unknown mechanic who charged more than your local mechanic who knows your rig?
  • It’s about finding what makes money and what costs you. Are you taking loads that don’t make you enough money? Are you letting shippers cut corners by underpaying you or cheating you out of detention payments?

Trucker Stats™ give you the long view of your trucking business. Sure, a one-week examination might give you some insights. But does the past week’s data take into account the past three quarters of IFTA you paid? Not this week.

Your Trucking Business Plan

If you’re a new trucker owner operator, then please, start right by learning about trucking business plans and why they’re important.

If you’ve been on the road for a while, maybe this is one thing that you never thought was important.

For all truckers who want to build a successful trucking business, the first step is writing a business plan.

(Yeah, we know. It sounds like boring work that will take too much time off the road.

That’s why you need TruckingOffice PRO to help you do it. Between the invoice management and the maintenance records management, you’re going to find what you need to build a trucking business plan that will lead you to success.

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