Back in January, did you make some resolutions? Did you set trucking business goals for the year? How are you doing on those?

New Year’s Resolutions and goals are often forgotten or abandoned before the end of the first month. It’s easy to get lost when we have daily tasks that distract us from goals. Sometimes we get into the the “next month” mindset and suddenly, it’s the end of the year.

Trucking Business Goals: What did you want to do?

A trucking business plan has many opportunities to set goals. That’s the real function of a business plan – to lay out goals for where our trucking businesses will be next year.

Any trucking business plan written last year when rates were high and loads plentiful – it’s time to rewrite that business plan. Do your trucking business goals have to be adjusted after this year’s drop in rates?

If you’re serious about your trucking business – starting one, keeping it going, or building it to greater success, – a trucking business plan with clearly determined goals is the tool you need.

The Right Tool at the Wrong Time? Wrong Tool at the Wrong Time?

We’ve all be there, trying to make something else do when what we need is the hammer, not the heel of our shoe. A business goal works great when we have it at the right time and use it.

Is right now the right time?

We say yes, right now is perfect to review your trucking business goals and plan. This year has been rough for all of us. Maybe those goals are still reachable. Maybe they need adjustments. Or maybe you’ve already achieved them!

By looking back at how we looked forward to this year, we can

  • identify the problems we control, such as maintenance expenses or business costs.
  • recognize the loads that aren’t worth our time, no matter how bad the pay rate is.
  • find the amount of money we need per mile for a load.

It’s not too late to make this year profitable. If you use Trucker Stats™, you’ll have the right tool at the right time to make the decisions to become profitable this year.

Review Your Goals

You own your business. You manage the systems and how the business works. Those are the key points of a trucking business plan. Today is a great day to look at what you wanted then and see how far you’ve come. Just because it isn’t January 1st today doesn’t mean that you don’t have to bother.

We think you’ll be surprised at what you discover when you reread that plan. Those written-down goals have the power to be fulfilled, even if we’re not looking.

But looking at them and making smarter decisions because you now have data to be smarter – isn’t that worth the time?

TruckingOffice PRO and Trucking Business Goals

You need data as much as you need good-paying loads. TruckingOffice PRO provides the data with Trucker Stats™ that you can use to build your trucking business without any extra data entry. Tracking your costs per mile is simple with TruckingOffice PRO. You enter the dispatch, your expenses and your miles and you’ll get all of the data you need in seconds. No need to go off the road or hire a data expert. You’ve got everything you need at the touch of your fingertips.

Try TruckingOffice PRO today for your trucking business, whether it’s big or small. TruckingOffice PRO can manage your fleet, including

  • invoices
  • maintenance
  • business reports
  • IFTA and IRP.

Give the free trial of TruckingOffice PRO a chance to help achieve your trucking business goals now!

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