Deciding to start your own trucking company is a big undertaking that can leave you with more questions than you might’ve imagined. Most of those questions will revolve around what resources you’ll need in order to be successful, especially in the early going. It’s helpful to get familiar with all of the benefits and drawbacks of the various products on the market to determine which are the best fit for the long-term health of your business.  Probably after your rig, your most important purchase is the software to run your business. You need accounting software for truckers.

Accounting Software Built for Truckers

If you have a good understanding of which products offer the features your business actually needs, you can avoid wasting your money on products that will leave you with even more questions than you had going in. Given how vital to your bottom line your accounting software is, it’s understandable to want to choose the correct product the first time around. Taking that into consideration, below you’ll find three benefits that come with choosing an accounting software that was built with you, the trucker in mind, instead of accountants.

Accounting Software Doesn’t Account for Specific Pain Points for Truckers 

Even though it’s become one of the most common accounting software solutions on the market, the reality for truckers is that QuickBooks may leave a lot to be desired. For example, since QuickBooks isn’t trucking specific, think about how difficult it would be calculating your IFTA fees with it. That’s just one example where using software built for truckers helps save owner-operators both time and money. Another benefit of using accounting software for truckers is the fact that learning how to properly leverage it could be easier.

Using Software Built for Truckers Means There’s Less of a Learning Curve

Accounting software built by and for truckers means users don’t have to learn another language, or have the most advanced SaaS knowledge in order to use it effectively. Since the software was designed with their problems and solutions in mind, users don’t have to waste any time figuring out what metrics are being collected, how to track trucking expenses, and collecting quick snapshots of how your trucking company is performing when it comes to profit.

The shortened learning curve that comes with using accounting software built for truckers is great news for users. The less time it takes to understand how to effectively use the software, the faster truckers can start to benefit from using it.

Tracking the Metrics that Matter is Easier Using Software Built for Truckers

Although QuickBooks offers many thorough reporting capabilities, whether or not truckers are capable of using it to successfully measure all of the insights can be debated. In fairness, Quickbooks wasn’t developed with truckers at the top of mind, but that’s not the case for TruckingOffice. TruckingOffice was developed as trucking software for accounting, not as an accounting program that truckers can use when it’s time to put their accounting hat on. By providing users with the ability to track everything related to a dispatch, users collect all the data they need for their IFTA – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Get rid of the headaches that come with using accounting software that wasn’t made for truckers by learning more about TruckingOffice today.

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