The TruckingOffice truck driver log app is on its way! We anticipate its official release by early fall. This will give you plenty of time to prepare for the December 17 switch to electronic logbooks.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking over the government regulations for the ELD.  But more than that, we’ve got a trucker on our development team. That means you’ll get a piece of equipment that will work with you instead of forcing you to work with it.

Have you been looking at some of the equipment that’s out there?  Cables, wires, boxes… what a mess.  We’re not interested in creating more stuff to put into your cab.  We want you to have control over this without the headaches that come with wires that break or boxes with batteries.  Our solution is simple and easy to use:  your smartphone.

You will be able to download an app for free from Google Play or the Apple Store and install it in seconds.  Once the vehicle interface device is inserted, you’ll be done!  We said simple and easy to use and we mean it.

What about privacy on my truck driver log app?

Who wants to turn over their phone to a state trooper and let them have access to your private life?

We hear you.  We’re building a secure system that requires a password to access anything but the app data when you turn over your phone to a cop.  Your images, your phone calls and your text messages will all be safe and protected.

Truck driver log apps don’t have to complicated, but they have to be secure.

TruckingOffice ELD

We want to give you the streamlined basics.  That doesn’t mean you won’t get exactly what you need.

You’ll benefit from the exclusive features we’re building into our truck driver log app. They include:

  • Privacy-enhancing safeguards that leave your personal information alone. You’ll never have to worry about us poaching your data and selling it to a bunch of strangers. Compare that to other apps on the market.
  • A simple two-part system that’s easier to use than the complex designs many of our competitors have.
  • Ironclad security. We will host our truck driver log app on our ultra-secure server, giving you peace of mind and letting you focus on getting more miles under your belt.
  • Full support from the tech gurus here at TruckingOffice. We’re just a toll-free phone call away if you ever have questions for us.

What about integration with truck driver log apps and trucking management software?

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about integrating the ELD with our TruckingOffice trucking management software (TMS.)  Let’s be honest with you – that’s our goal.  If you want an ELD that works with your TMS – then you want TruckingOffice.  The interface isn’t yet ready for primetime, but we’re working on it!  In the meantime, TruckingOffice already uses your invoicing details to track your mileage.  You can use PC*Miler or choose to add your own mileage – either way, your IFTA, IRP, and invoices are all done in a snap of your fingers to let you get back on the road.

Stay tuned to our website for news about our truck driver log app. In the meantime, remember that TruckingOffice is the only product of its kind that offers advantages like these:

  • An easy learning curve with simple point-and-click design. You’ll be using our software like an old pro within minutes of logging on.
  • Powerful cloud-based features that enable you to manage every aspect of your business from a single device, but you can use many.  You’re not limited to just a desktop or just a smartphone.
  • Free upgrades that come your way automatically. You probably won’t even notice unless we tell you!  One low subscription rate is all it takes to enjoy everything TruckingOffice has to offer.
  • A free test drive that allows you to use our full software program at no charge. If at that time, you decide that TruckingOffice isn’t for you, then simply walk away, owing nothing.

Why not give TruckingOffice TMS a go starting today? You’ll be glad you did. And don’t forget: our truck driver log app will be here soon.

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