Is Truck Dispatching Software Right for You-If you’re a solo owner-operator, maybe you don’t think you need dispatching software.  You know where you’re going, you have a GPS and Google Maps… Is truck dispatching software really necessary?

Do you want software that will compute your mileage?  How about produce your invoice in a matter of seconds?  Remind you of your maintenance schedule?  Handle your IFTA and IRP?

Then truck dispatching software is vital to your trucking business.

It’s not just the big firms that need truck dispatching software.

The owner-operator who is getting his or her own loads on a load board needs a way to manage the business end without spending huge amounts of time and effort at a desk instead of in the driver’s seat.  How can you find a program that will meet your specific needs?  As a small businessperson, we know you’re interested in results, not talk.  So let’s look at some results:

  1.  You need to pay yourself.  If you’re running strictly on a cash basis, your business model is based on what’s in your pocket, not what’s due to you.  That’s pretty easy to let get out of control.  You have a system in place that will get the invoices out, track the incoming payments, and allow you to know your profits and losses from your trips.  Using a software program that will take care of the accounting end of the trucking business will reduce your stress – and get you paid faster.
  2. You  need to manage your business expenses.  How do I know if I made money last month?  Is it based on how much I’ve got in the bank right now?  Did I take into account all the taxes I’ll have to pay?  It’s easy to say “I’m watching my expenses” but what am I watching them do?  Eat up my profits?  A good dispatching program can help find the leaks in the moneyflow – and where you’re strong and doing well managing your money.
  3. You can’t spend hours on the paperwork.  For truckers especially, time is money.  When you’re off the road, you’re not making any.  You need a truck dispatching software that you can access anywhere,  stays up to date, is secure and will manage those accounting tasks quickly, without repeated data entry steps.

What happens when an owner-operator doesn’t have good truck dispatching software?

I probably don’t have to tell you.  New owner-operators find out fast that without good truck dispatching software computer programs, they

  • run out of money for fuel
  • don’t have the funds for the quarterly taxes
  • don’t have a record of their maintenance
  • end up paying for “unexpected” repairs that could have been prevented with regular maintenance
  • don’t have money to live on, much less make their truck payments.

Sure, truckers for a century didn’t have computer software.  But we do – and we have complicated taxes and governmental regulations.

We need the tools that will help us succeed as small business owners.

Our truck dispatching software is designed to meet the needs of transportation businesses big and small. Whether you’re a solo operator or the manager of a giant fleet, you’ll find TruckingOffice is an indispensable part of your daily routine. As you know, federal transportation rules apply to trucking companies of all sizes. Whether you’ve got one rig or 1,000, you’re just as responsible for ensuring your equipment is safe and properly maintained. TruckingOffice will enable you to keep on top of those requirements, protecting both you and everyone who uses the nation’s highways.

  • As anyone who uses computers knows, you run a big risk when you use out-of-date software. Not only do you risk viruses and spyware, you miss out on the most powerful features. That’s why we keep TruckingOffice automatically updated for our clients. You’ll always have the latest version at your fingertips. We take care of the backend for you, helping you to stay focused on your top priorities.
  • Giant companies can afford to hire computer experts to handle their technology issues. Small operations simply don’t have that kind of money. That’s why we maintain our own staff of technology professionals who know TruckingOffice backwards and forwards. If you ever have a question or concern about our product, then we’re just a quick email or toll-free phone call away.
  •  That’s why we back everything we say with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. It’s also why we give you 30 days to try TruckingOffice at no cost or obligation. And unlike some companies, we won’t ask for credit card or checking account information unless you decide we’re for you. That’s how sure we are you’ll love our product.

So what are you waiting for? Take our truck dispatching software for a complimentary test drive starting today.

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