Freight BrokerTransportation brokerage software can help you break into one of the most potentially lucrative trucking-related businesses today: freight brokering. A freight broker matches loads that need hauling with drivers who need work. You act as the intermediary between the two parties, bringing them together while earning a fee for your services. There’s no better way to make a good living while performing a valuable service. But, to take advantage of this fast-growing opportunity, you need the right transportation brokerage software.

What Does a Freight Broker Do?

All across the United States and Canada are factories, warehouses, and other facilities that operate under strict delivery schedules. When those deadlines aren’t met, the consequences can include upset customers, contract breaches, and even bankruptcy. At the same time, all sorts of circumstances can get in the way of timely shipments. Trucks break down. Drivers become ill or have family emergencies. Sometimes an exhausted or frustrated trucker will simply walk away from the job.

All these scenarios create the need for a freight broker to bring truckers together with loads. Make no mistake; this is not an easy profession. Many opportunities come up at the last minute, requiring you to be available when they do. You’ll learn to keep a cell phone by your side day and night. You also need some people management skills for dealing with worried or angry clients.

Yet, at the same time, you’ll create economic opportunities for hard-working folks and help to ensure the smooth flow of freight across the country. The job is both challenging and rewarding for those who have the skills to perform it.  This is one job that can be done from an office or from your home.

To succeed as a freight broker, you’ll also need the right transportation brokerage software. That’s where TruckingOffice comes into the picture.

TruckingOffice for Freight Brokerage?

Yes, we have a freight brokerage package as part of our trucking management software product line.  This product will enable you to stay on top of every dispatch while guiding your drivers through the most efficient routes. Plus, since TruckingOffice is based in the cloud, you’ll never have to worry about lost data, viruses, or fragile CDs. Find out how good our software is yourself by starting a free 30-day test drive today.

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