In an industry littered with software solutions and so-called “game-changing” technological advances, it can be hard to boast one of the nation’s top 10 freight broker software options year after year. But we at TruckingOffice keep on doing it.

It’s not a stroke of luck either. There’s a reason our software is among the best, and it all comes down to one simple fact: we know what we’re doing.

We stay on top of current industry trends and issues.

We’re in tune with the latest happenings and news in our industry, and that includes changing regulations, new mandates, and updated requirements. We’re ready to respond and act based on those trends, in real time.

Always here and pushing forward.

We might have a top 10 software solution now, but we know we might not always. We work hard to push ourselves forward and keep on improving, adapting, and changing as the industry does. Just take our in-the-works electronic logging device, for example.

We know the struggles and challenges of trucking first-hand.

Unlike other software providers, we’re not Silicon Valley developers or out-of-touch high-paid executives. Much of the TruckingOffice team hails from the trucking industry themselves. We even have a few former truck drivers on board!

We deliver value — and a return on your investment.

Our top 10 freight broker software doesn’t just work; it downright delivers value. Handling everything from invoicing and dispatching to maintenance and record keeping, it helps trucking professionals better use their resources. Its reporting capabilities even allow you to break down your expenses and profits per mile, so you can score the biggest possible ROI on every load.

Why You Need Freight Broker Software

Freight brokering can be a lucrative career if you have the right tools at your fingertips. Freight brokers make their money by arranging the transportation and tracking of a load hauled by a freight carrier that charges slightly less than the shipper is willing to pay. The great thing about being a truck broker is that you can either work for a freight brokerage or run your own company. Freight brokers are in high demand in the trucking industry because they make it easier for shippers to find carriers that they can rely on to haul a load if they don’t have the time or resources to find a carrier themselves. And freight broker training can be completed in a matter of days with online or in-person classes. 

If you want to succeed as a freight broker, there are certain things you need to know how to do. First, you must be able to stay on top of dispatches and keep a line of communication open with the carrier in order to update the status of the shipper’s load. You also have to track the load, guide drivers through the most efficient routes and verify the load’s pickup and delivery. You could try doing all of that manually, but with the right software, you can do all this and more with just the click of a button. At Trucking Office, we offer a freight brokerage package as part of our trucking management software.

See for yourself why TruckingOffice is the top of top 10 freight broker software

Want to see the power of our top 10 freight broker software for yourself? Take an online tour now or contact TruckingOffice today to learn more.

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