Dave is a brand new trucker – just started on the road last November.  It’s been a good job for him.  He got a route from a local potato chip company that let him come home every night to his wife Maureen and kids.

Taxes don't have to stop you cold - TruckingOffice can help.

Taxes don’t have to stop you cold – TruckingOffice can help.

It’s the new year, and Maureen is starting to put together their tax forms.  But she doesn’t know what it is that she needs to have in hand and she’s never done their taxes with Dave as “self-employed.”

Trucker Tax Cutting

Failing to keep good records may mean you pay too much or too little in taxes. Let us help you do it right!

She’s anxious and not really sure where to go to get help.  They’ve never had to use a professional before, but right now, she’s thinking she had better find one.

And what’s this IFTA thing?

Tax season is stressful for everyone, and for first timers like Dave and Maureen, it’s downright scary.

TruckingOffice can help.

Dave is lucky that he has a regular lane and consistent expenses.  By entering each of his dispatches into the One Entry Per Minute dispatch form, Dave can get a exact record of his work.

Yes, even if you’re working for one company, as a self-employed owner-operator, you still have to keep good records.  TruckingOffice does that for you without having to enter the same data time and again for IFTA, for taxes, for invoicing or for IRP.  One entry takes care of everything.  We’ll even give you the first month free.

Maureen is still feeling a little bit uneasy, but TruckingOffice takes a lot of stress off of her mind.

With the tax season upon us, we know how she feels.  We even have a suggestion for her:  Trucker Tax Expert Dennis Bridges at ETruckerTax.com.  He’s been a good friend to TruckingOffice over several years and we are proud to recommend him to new and experienced truckers for assistance.eTruckerTax_logo.original

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