An owner operator trucking business can be a great career choice. It offers opportunities for good income, a chance to see the country, and job security. There will always be a need for people with the skills to haul freight. Even if self-driving cars eventually become common, it’s unlikely that a computer will ever be able to handle a big rig. Some jobs are best left to human beings.

That said, though, truck driving is not an easy life. So before you take the plunge, give the matter plenty of thought. Here are some things to keep in mind when making Owner Operator trucking businessthis important decision:

  • Are you willing to spend a year or more as a company driver to get some experience under your belt? Before you say “yes,” consider that new drivers usually get the toughest assignments. You’ll probably be spending a lot of time in big-city traffic, dealing with highly irregular work and sleep schedules, and getting very little time off. All of these things are part of what every trucker goes through in the beginning. It’s part of paying your dues to be in the profession.
  • Are you good at managing money? This is perhaps the one area in which otherwise promising drivers fail when running an owner operator trucking business. People used to working for someone else may think they are rich when they get a large settlement check. But the owner operator must cover all the stuff that usually taken care of by the company. Need health insurance? You’ll be paying for it. Need tires, fuel, truck maintenance? Again, all those expenses come out of your pocket. Plus, you’ll need to set money aside for those times when business is slow or you’re unable to work due to health or other issues.
  • Are you prepared for everything that comes with having your own owner operator trucking business? Someone once said that, “Truck driving isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.” Truer words were never spoken! Your home will be your sleeper cab. Most of your time off will be spent at truck stops or rest areas. Your health can quickly deteriorate unless you plan your meals carefully and find ways to exercise. So before committing to an owner operator trucking business, make sure you’re ready for these challenges.

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