Are You Running a Small Fleet?  Are You Thinking About Buying Another Truck?Small fleet trucking software

If you’re running a small trucking fleet, you already know the challenges of moving freight.  But there are a few other duties you have to take care of too.  Building up your client base, maintaining your home base, developing good leadership and management skills, and making sure you’re up-to-date with the latest technology and legal requirements are all part of your job.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for running your own small fleet:

  • Learn New Skills. Giant companies like JB Hunt have the resources to hire specialists in accounting, advertising, website design, and public relations. As a small business owner, you will need to handle most, if not all, those tasks yourself. Don’t look on this as a burden. Instead, regard it as an opportunity to enrich your mind and expand your skills. Fortunately, sites like YouTube have video instruction created by experts that can help you — and access to this valuable information is free.
  • Hire Assistance.  You need to focus on your whole business.  If one task is taking too much of your time, hiring someone to take on the tasks that you don’t feel you have the time to learn and master may be a better investment.  A bookkeeper or a web designer can save you a lot of aggravation.
  • Sharpen your people skills. Small business owners and employees work hand-in-hand much of the time. This can be one of the best features of owning your own company. However, it can lead to trouble if people’s personalities and temperaments clash. One great resource is the classic book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. It’s available at most bookstores and libraries.
  • Get the right small fleet trucking software. This is crucial if you want to stay competitive. Every minute you spend doing things the old-school way robs you of opportunities to increase your income. It’s important to choose software created to serve the specific needs of driving pros like yourself. With ELD (electronic logging devices) coming into truck cabs this winter, you’ll also need a system that’s compliant with the government standards but won’t break your bank account.

What is Considered a Small Fleet Trucking? 

While the majority of fleets in the US consist of 200 trucks or less, smaller companies of fewer than 25 trucks feel the odds stacking up against their survival.  USDOT reports that there are more than half a million carriers on file with the FMCSA, and 97% of those operate fewer than 20 trucks.  

Of course, the biggest challenge for small fleet owners is finding loads daily.  Some truckers rely on load boards and brokers to fill these needs.  Another challenge is making enough money on the loads.  Also, finding and keeping drivers is an ongoing effort with many small fleets.  Last but not least, another big challenge is government regulations, of which there seems to be no end.  Due dates, fees, mileage, fuel use reports, and taxes are a never-ending headache for independent truckers.

So, how can small fleet owners survive these issues and keep their business going?  TMS (trucking management software) is the answer.  Trucking software has improved significantly over the years.  Truckers who take advantage of this technology are more organized, have more time to drive, and experience far less stress.  Reports are always on time and accurate, and all aspects of the business are secure and can be accessed anytime.  

Small Fleet Trucking Software

If you google for fleet trucking software, you’ll see dozens of options.  Most of them are designed for the big truckers with a fleet of hundreds of trucks.

The small fleet manager doesn’t need the super-charged (and super-priced) software package that tracks hundreds of vehicles.  If you’re expanding from being an owner-operator to starting your own fleet, those software packages can be intimidating with features and a long learning curve.  It’s a lot better to use something more on your scale – small – but can grow with you.

Here at TruckingOffice, we’re always glad to help both new and established independent truckers succeed.  TruckingOffice’s small fleet trucking software makes running every aspect of your company easier and more profitable. Our product gives you access to cutting-edge technology that is as simple to use as it is powerful. Plus, our handy cloud-based format safeguards your records with the same cyber-security tools used by giant corporations like Walmart and Amazon. You can enjoy these advantages for a free trial to give you plenty of time to decide if the TruckingOffice small fleet trucking software is right for you.  That’s where TruckingOffice comes into the picture. Take our small fleet trucking software for a free trial test drive starting today.

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