send-drivers-directions-with-our-premium-software-for-truck-driversIf you’re a fleet manager with trucks on the road, you need to know where the freight is.  Where it’s coming from.  Where it’s going. When it will arrive. Software for truck drivers helps you do that.

Maybe you’re depending on Google Maps or Mapquest to plan your routes.  Why not?  It’s free and pretty easy to use.  But both have limitations that require you to do a lot of figuring out to determine the total mileage per state.  Maybe for one truck, that’s not a big deal.  The IFTA for one truck isn’t so bad, right?

Fleet Managers Don’t Have One Truck

You’ve got a fleet. Figuring out the mileage for every state would be a nightmare – one you don’t wake up from.

You need information and you need it in a format that you can use – not add and subtract with paper or pencil or even with a spreadsheet.  Too many errors that can cost you a lot of money can slip in with just one mistake.

In the end, you need a software package that handles mileage and directions.  Because if your trucker gets lost, those miles count too.

Software for Truck Drivers for Fleet Managers

Our premium software for truck drivers enables you to not only know where all your vehicles are at each moment but to actually send your people directions while they’re on the road. We’ve combined our product with the advantages offered by PC*Miler to give you this exciting capability. Here are some of the benefits offered:

  • The ability to plan the most efficient routes for your dispatches, saving on fuel costs while reducing trip times and distances.
  • Exact mileage totals for each route, each state, or both.
  • Precise records that simplify IFTA reporting.
  • Easier compliance with DOT.
  • The power to steer your people away from accidents, highway construction, and other delays that eat up time and fuel.

Best Practices: What This Revolutionary Business Concept Can Do for You

“Best practices” is a phrase that gets tossed around in a lot of white-color business circles. But what does a concept used by the shirt-and-tie crowd have to do with transportation professionals like yourself? Plenty, it turns out. You see, “best practices” refers to a very simple idea: that there’s not only a right way to do things, there’s one way that’s more “right” than all the others. By following the best path every time you go down a particular road, you boost your chances for financial success. It works for Fortune 500 companies, and it will work for you too, whether you run one truck or 1,000.

There’s a catch, though. You can only implement best practices if you know what they are in the first place. This comes back to understanding what’s truly going on inside your company at all levels. TruckingOffice software for truck drivers gives you this power, arming you with the data and transparency you need to slash waste, streamline processes, and replicate success over and over.

Why Truckers Need Software

You chose the trucking industry because you like the idea of being your own boss.  But now, you’ve learned that being the boss involves a lot more than hauling freight.  

Sure, it’s great out there on the road.  Beautiful scenery with the highway stretching out ahead and the sense of adventure that comes with road-tripping.  But, at the end of the run, someone has to account for those miles, hours, and fuel. Guess who that person is?  That’s right, it’s you.  

Fortunately, there’s an easier way than spending hours filling out hand-generated reports.  One of the most significant aspects of trucking software is that it helps you gain control over your operation.  Here’s a brief summary of what to expect and how you can benefit from trucking software:

  • Our TMS is easily integrated with your ELD to provide more accurate reports. 
  • Helps you avoid HOS errors and fines.
  • Invoicing is done automatically to ensure you get paid on time.
  • Prevents unexpected vehicle repairs by tracking truck maintenance.
  • Makes inspections less tedious because all information is available anytime.

Of course, there’s much more to our TMS.  The best way to appreciate the options and benefits is to try it out firsthand.  We invite you to sign up for a free trial to learn more.

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