We gotta get paid. But the time and effort it takes to create an invoice often discourages owner operators from getting those invoices out quickly. Do you need to streamline trucking invoices in your business?

The Old Way vs. The New Way

We know that there are owner operators out there still using Google Docs for invoices. Or some archaic version of Quicken – not even QuickBooks – to handle the invoicing tasks.

“I already know it. I don’t want to learn something else. This is good enough.” We hear it often.

So learning a new software system can be difficult. Especially if you created your own system in Google ten years ago. Did you set up a Google spreadsheet to collect all the expenses and billing details, but have to find the BOL to attach? Another Google spreadsheet for the late pays? No? How did you know when an invoice was 30 days past due?

Accounting is complicated. When you’ve got a reasonable system, it’s hard to think about changing.

Is your system reasonable today?

Streamline Trucking Invoices

Back in the day – say, 20 years ago – there weren’t many options for independent owner operators in the trucking industry. What was out there was expensive and designed for big trucking companies. The solo trucker didn’t need all the bells and whistles, just a software package that handled the unique trucking accounting.

That’s what TruckingOffice designed—a simple-to-use software package for truckers to dispatch, route, collect expenses, and bill customers. Because it’s a full accounting system, it also notifies the user when the invoices haven’t been paid.

How much extra work is that?

With TruckingOffice PRO? None.

When you enter your dispatch, you get a routing and the invoicing process is started for you.

When TruckingOffice PRO gets your data, the processes to streamline your trucking invoices has already begun. As soon as you tell the program to email the invoice and the attached documents, the clock starts. In 30 days, your late invoices report shows you all of them.

Is that streamlining or is that streamlining? You don’t have to do anything but look at a report to know who to call.

TruckingOffice ELD protects your data

TruckingOffice PRO Will Streamline Trucking Invoices For You

No more spending hours looking through accounts to find out who owes you money. You can use that time to spend with your family.

No more time wasted preparing invoices. TruckingOffice PRO collects the data and creates the invoice upon demand. While you’re waiting in the delivery dock, you can send the invoice to the shipper’s billing department.

Trucking invoice software is the single most important investment in your trucking business you can make (besides your rig.)

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