Is there such a thing as QuickBooks trucking software?

No… and yes.

QuickBooks is not an accounting program dedicated to any specific business except accounting.  That’s the way it should be – most businesses don’t need a specialized accounting program, they need a program that will do their accounting according to the IRS and business standards.

But truckers… we need special.  We need specialized.

  • We have to compute mileage for the IFTA and IRP.
  • We have to send a signed bill of lading to the shippers.
  • We have to file quarterly taxes based on unique state tax structures, which are different in each jurisdiction.

QuickBooks doesn’t manage any of these without a lot of tweaking.  Read the fine print and you’ll see that QuickBooks doesn’t do any of these things.QuickBooks Trucking Management Software

Who wants to tweak software?*

We don’t.  We want to be truckers.

Why TruckingOffice Is Better for Truckers

We hear a lot about so-called “QuickBooks trucking software” from transportation pros looking for the right computer-based solution to their accounting needs. Now, don’t get us wrong; QuickBooks is a great product for general-purpose use. But if you’re a freight broker or owner-operator, then you’ll be better off with TruckingOffice, our customized trucking software.

Unlike QuickBooks, trucking software from our company is made by truckers, for truckers. It’s designed to give transportation professionals all the tools they need to not only keep books, but also stay on top of

  • maintenance,
  • invoice clients,
  • pay drivers,
  • track IFTA and IRP, and everything else that comes with running a trucking business.

That’s something that QuickBooks just can’t match.  

We know that you like QuickBooks – well, your accountant and bookkeepers like QuickBooks.  That makes sense – they’re accounting people and QuickBooks is their preferred software.

Yes:  QuickBooks Trucking Software is TruckingOffice Trucking Management Software

We’ve made TruckingOffice compatible with QuickBooks**.  You or your accounting people can run reports that can be imported into QuickBooks for your accountant to work with – if you have to.  But if you’re an owner-operator and all you need is a program that’s

  1. cloud-based, so it’s accessible from anywhere you have a WIFI connection.
  2. automatically kept up to date because it’s all online – no new releases to install.
  3. secure from hacking with state-of-the-art security used by major online retailers.
  4. able to create invoices in seconds and deliver them via email along with bills of lading images for faster payments.

Then you probably don’t need QuickBooks – you need TruckingOffice trucking management software.  All you need is an Internet connection to take care of business—as simple as that.

We’re so sure you’ll love TruckingOffice that we offer a free 30-day test drive for your convenience. Take it for a spin around the block, kick the tires, and see for yourself if it’s everything we promise. And leave your credit card or checkbook in your pocket; you won’t need it unless you decide to stick with us for the long haul. After that, a low monthly subscription will give you all the advantages of the best transportation software on the market.

You’re looking for the total package without tweaks?  You’re looking for TruckingOffice.

Forget about QuickBooks!  Trucking software from TruckingOffice is what you need. Start your free trial of our product today. You’ll be glad you did.

*We have accountants who use TruckingOffice for their owner-operator clients.  If they don’t want to use QuickBooks for trucking management – why should you?

**TruckingOffice and QuickBooks compatibility has some restrictions due to versions of QuickBooks.  Please see this link for more information.

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