Are you looking for the perfect trucker gifts this holiday season? It’s always hard to buy for a long-distance trucker. There’s not a lot of space inside a truck cab, so everything needs to function in that small area. That’s why TruckingOffice PRO trucking software is the ideal gift to the trucker in your life.

Give the Gift of Time with TruckingOffice ELD

New Truckers

To manage a trucker’s hours of service (HOS) drive times isn’t just about making sure that the restrictions are met. So many hours on, specific breaks – the rules for HOS from the Department of Transportation are pretty controversial, even several years after the ELD mandate began.

But since it’s still in force, truckers have to have an ELD in their cabs. If a person is just getting started, they may need to buy an ELD system. It isn’t complicated to make a decision about an ELD.

The ELD system needs to track the movement of the truck. It needs to have a way for the trucker to update their status, and send that status upon demand. The data needs to be saved for four years.

Pretty simple.

But a lot of ELD companies have taken their ELDs a lot further than the basic requirements. That’s not a bad thing. Using an ELD to track the location of a load makes sense. It’s compact which is important for the perfect trucker gifts, by using a system that’s already in place. But when they add more and more, that jacks up the price of the product.

A simple and basic ELD system is enough to get started in the trucking industry. That’s TruckingOffice ELD.

But don’t confuse simple and basic with not compliant with the FMSCA’s requirements. The TruckingOffice ELD was built to be compliant with the government regulations since 2017. We designed TruckingOffice ELD with growth in mind.

The New Owner-Operator Perfect Gifts

As a new owner-operator, having a complete trucking software package isn’t optional. Many new owner-operators don’t know what the back office handled that’s now in their hands, including

  • IFTA and IRP taxes
  • Invoices
  • Load selection and management
  • Truck maintenance.

Being an owner-operator is more than just picking up the load and delivering it. It’s also about building a business. So for the new owner-operator, the perfect trucker gifts may take on a multitude of tasks to run the trucking business successfully.

And with the idea that space is at a premium, getting one program that can manage those four critical tasks isn’t just about space on the computer or in the cab. It’s about TIME.

The Perfect Trucker Gifts Come Together

The ELD data isn’t just about how many hours a trucker drives. It’s loaded with other information that can produce a perfect IFTA tax report so you don’t have worry about over- or underpaying the fuel taxes.

The ELD data is entered into the trucking software package without extra effort so your business reports show how much it costs your trucker to haul a load. That way the owner-operator know what loads to take and what not to take.

When the ELD and trucking software work together, it’s not just about convenience. It’s about confidence that your data is accurate and easy to access. TruckingOffice PRO and ELD together don’t require extra effort to enter the data time and again.

In the TruckingOffice PRO system and integrated TruckingOffice ELD, a trucker will have the tools they need to work quickly, accurately, and profitably to build their new trucking business.

Put them together and save time for your family now!

TruckingOffice Special Holiday Offers

If you’re in the market for the perfect trucker gifts this holiday season. look at TruckingOffice!

TruckingOffice ELD Special Offer 1: FREE ELD truck data reader ($125 value) with the purchase of a one-year contract.

TruckingOffice PRO Special Offer 2: ONE FREE MONTH of TruckingOffice PRO trucking software.

Get them together for the perfect trucker gift this Christmas! They will have their best year next year with their new trucking software and ELD that work together.

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