We can’t get away from the accounting.  We can’t let the accounting get away from us.

When we become an owner operator, we take on a lot of extra roles as well, especially bookkeeper (unless you’re lucky enough to have one in your family!)How Owner Operators reduce bookkeeping

What do bookkeepers do?

  • Keep track of dispatches and make sure they’re billed and paid.
  • Keep track of trip expenses and fuel receipts.
  • Keep track of taxes such as the IFTA and IRP.
  • Pay the drivers.
  • Pay the repair bills.

A good trucking bookkeeper can do it.  But what do you have to pay to find one? Is a single trucker going to have enough work for a bookkeeper?  What happens when they leave?

So how can owner operators reduce their bookkeeping?

We’d like to say “Be organized.”  Everyone else says it, and to some degree, that’s true.  A shoebox of receipts is not organization.  Whether it’s an envelope system or an electronic monitor in the cab, it’s not organization until it’s usuable.   So what do you need?

  1. A tool that will go with you on the road to simplify the bookwork instead of delaying until you get home.
  2. A method that will show you the financial statements that truckers need, when and where you want them.
  3. A program that will expand with the needs of the transportation field without a steep re-learning curve with updates you have to install.

It’s not just organization.  It’s the tool you use to be organized.  Find a system that will reuse your data and not expect you to reenter it for another purpose.

Reduce your bookkeeping by using a method that’s designed for truckers, not a hack that tries to make another program work for us truckers.

You thought I was going to give you the perfect accounting system?  I am.  The perfect owner operator trucking accounting system.

What does TruckingOffice Trucking Management Software do?

  • It keeps track of dispatches, sends the invoices and will notify you when they haven’t been paid.
  • It keeps track of the trip receipts and fuel expenses with an easy to use entry system  – and shows you where you’re making money.
  • It manages the IRP and IFTA reports in minutes, not hours.
  • It can compute the driver settlements when the dispatch is entered.
  • It tracks the repairs and the maintenance records of trucks, and can be used to schedule regular maintenance.

No more trips to the bookkeeper.  TruckingOffice can manage it all for an owner operator, freeing the driver up for more important things, like finding the best loads.

TruckingOffice software that does it for you.  Faster than you could ever do it.  Keeping you more organized than you ever imagined.

Try it for 30 days, no charge.  Put in last month’s dispatches and receipts and discover how quickly you can input the information – then see what comes out.  Reports about your business, in terms that truckers use and understand.

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