Keep Your Owner Operator Trucking Business Going and Growing

Whether you’re a long-time owner-operator or new to the field, you know that the only way to build a successful owner-operator trucking business is to have a way to keep the business end working.

Instead of using a system that pulls you off the road, you need a management plan that you can use on the road or at home.  And when you’re home, you’re not tied to a desk instead of having the time you want with the family you miss.

A software program that you don’t have to create from scratch but one that is based on real trucker experience to keep your business going and growing.  One that’s updated with the latest tax information (so you don’t have to).  One that is safe to use while you’re on the road and keeps your data secure and backed up.

What You Need Is TruckingOffice Trucking Management Software

You’ve got people depending on you.  You need a dependable software that will manage the back end of your owner-operator trucking business in a way that you work.  You’re not an accountant, so what you need isn’t an accounting package that only a CPA understands.

A trucking management software needs to cover more than just sending an invoice. 

Your trucking business has requirements that Quicken or QuickBooks can’t handle, like the IFTA report.  There’s no option for the IFTA on QuickBooks.

What’s going to help you figure out your routing? Even if you’re using Google Maps or Waze apps, how do you maintain those routes so you can track your mileage?  Do you have to recalculate them every time you need the information?

Keeping up with maintenance isn’t just making sure you get the oil changes on time.  DOT inspectors can ask for your maintenance records.  Those expenses may be tax-deductible too – are you paying more income tax because you don’t know how much your tires cost?

Making sure your invoices are paid on time can be a huge hassle if the only place you can see your records is at home.

You need a software package that’s easy to use even in the cab of your truck.  Security features must protect your data.  Using the same data in a dozen ways to show how your owner-operator trucking business is making and losing money isn’t the cherry on the sundae, it’s the reason you need a comprehensive software package for your business.

There are plenty out there.  The only way to be sure is try.

Which one should you pick?

Pick the one designed with a trucker on the team that knows how truckers work and works with them.

Try TruckingOffice trucking management software for free for 30 days.

Sign up today to see how easy it is to

  • create an invoice
  • send invoices and track payments
  • create routing when you enter the load information
  • discover your cost per mile for the month
  • discover your revenue per mile for the month
  • manage driver settlements to the penny
  • create a customer database
  • start a maintenance record
  • compute IFTA and IRP amounts based on current taxes
  • create a maintenance scheduler

And there’s more to find in our complete trucking management software.

You can also learn about our upgrades:

  • PC*Miler
  • FileSafe image storage for BOL and other documents
  • LTL load planning

Get your free trial today for TruckingOffice TMS! No credit card or checking account number needed for the 30 day trial.

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