The trucking industry is vital to the health of the American economy. An estimated 70% of the nation’s goods are transported by trucks. Therefore, nearly every business and household in the United States relies on the trucking industry. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Therefore, starting a trucking business can be a lucrative career path. However, you must know how to manage the business effectively and efficiently.

That is where TruckingOffice comes in. We are truckers ourselves and we have developed an online trucking solution with a trucking management software package. It will resolve some of the most common management problems facing trucking businesses today.

The right trucking management software can quickly and easily organize, and streamline your invoices. This will also increase your profits. Here’s a look at the challenges associated with starting a trucking business and how our trucking management software can help.

Government Regulations

Government regulations and Department of Transportation (DOT) restrictions are inevitable in the trucking industry. It seems like every time we turn around, there is a new federal rule that applies to carriers. This is frustrating. Especially given the hundreds of regulations already in place for owner-operators and fleet managers. Fortunately, with our trucking management software, you can maintain DOT compliance. Also, you will be prepared for audits and stay up to date on IFTA reports and payments. We provide all the tools you need to file your IFTA reports in minutes. Therefore, you can save precious time and cut your paperwork in half. 

Unpaid Customer Invoices

One of the most common problems related to trucking management is poor cash flow due to unpaid customer invoices. It is virtually impossible to run a successful trucking business when you can’t get your customers to pay in full and on time. With our automated online trucking management software, you can generate invoices, organize and track your invoices, identify dispatches that haven’t been invoiced and get alerts when invoices are unpaid. You can even identify which of your customers pay on time and, more importantly, which ones don’t. With all of your load and invoice tracking information in one convenient place, you can keep your trucking business running smoothly and resolve any potential problems as soon as they arise. 

ELD Mandate

Per the new ELD mandate, all covered commercial trucks must use ELDs in place of traditional paper logbooks. ELDs create a safer work environment by monitoring trucker’s driving hours and ensuring compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations. Most drivers must follow HOS regulations if they drive a commercial vehicle. These regulations dictate how many hours drivers can spend behind the wheel. Their purpose is to eliminate the type of fatigue that can lead to trucking accidents. And while there is a lot of uncertainty about how the ELD mandate will affect the trucking industry as a whole, using ELDs can actually make managing your trucking business a whole lot easier. 

Our ELD solution at TruckingOffice is a simple, effective tool for tracking driver hours, maintaining HOS compliance, keeping up with truck maintenance and completing other essential trucking management tasks. The ELD app is based on the traditional paper logbooks that truckers are used to using and is compatible with any smartphone or tablet. From the app, you can manage driver logbook records for each of your trucks, manage your DOT records and more. With our plug-and-play online trucking business ELD and electronic logbook app, you can stay organized and get compliant with the ELD mandate quickly and affordably.

Improving the Logistics of Your Trucking Business With TruckingOffice TMS

What does logistics mean in the trucking business? It means identifying the most efficient routes for drivers, choosing the best truck for the load, and optimizing fuel use. Trucking logistics are about getting goods from one place to another while reducing costs and improving productivity.  

Our software for trucking enables a company to track and manage those aspects of their business and more. In fact, today’s technology combined with our expertise is the perfect combination to help you run a successful operation. Here’s how you’ll benefit from TruckingOffice TMS:

  • Reduce the time spent entering data on forms, with fewer mistakes.
  • Make informed decisions using the real-time data provided.
  • Track vehicle maintenance to reduce repairs and downtime.
  • Generate a variety of reports to see where your money is going.

A trucker is more than just a driver. He’s a bookkeeper, a customer service rep, a mechanic of sorts, and if he has time, he’s a regular guy who wants to spend time at home. So, please take a few minutes now to discover how our TMS can help you save time and money. Sign up for the 30-day free trial. You’ll discover how easy it can be to improve the logistics of your trucking business.

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