Most trucking software is written from the accountant’s point of view. I always found this to be very confusing. Basically they take an accounting program and modify it to work for trucking companies. If you don’t have an accounting background it is very difficult to follow. Other trucking software programs are written from the computer programmer’s point of view. They make very technical software, and it usually takes some computer savvy to install and use these types of programs. TruckingOffice is written from the truck owner’s point of view. Trucking software won’t solve your problems unless it is easy for you to use. I have been in the trucking industry for more that 15 years and I have owned my own trucks for more than 10 years. TruckingOffice was originally created to solve my problems, and in the process we realized that it could solve your problems too. TruckingOffice is a common sense approach to organize the common problems that we all face in managing a small fleet of trucks. It is also very easy to use. If I can use it then you definitely can do it.

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