News From The Development Team


Recent Updates:

A lot of work has been done recently with reports. The driver pay report now shows the company address and the driver address to provide a more professional look. This was requested by a customer, and it was a good improvement. We have also made all of the reports printable making them easier to match up to your paperwork.

The other big thing that has been added is the empty move dispatch. We added this to help make routing a truck home for the weekend easier. The routing automatically picks up the previous location of the truck when entering a dispatch, however if the truck deadheads somewhere else there was no way to update the truck location. Now from the dispatch screen you can choose “add an empty move”. It will still automatically choose the previous location from the previous dispatch, but now you can just enter the new location of the truck to update the correct location.

Coming Soon:

We are going to be releasing our brokerage application soon. This will be offered at $45/mo unlimited. It will be completely separate from the trucking application, so if you do both trucking and brokerage you will need to set up two accounts to get all of the features. Stay tuned for more details.

Also we will be working on better features to handle owner/operator drivers that operate on your trucking authority. We will be adding a new driver type for owner/operators.

Keep the suggestions coming!

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