Are you tired of hearing about the IFTA filing due at the end of the month?Are you scared of an IFTA audit? Trucking dispatch software will save you!

So are we.

But there are some people out there who aren’t tired of it – because it’s their job.  The auditors.  

IFTA Audits and Trucking Dispatch Software

Maybe the auditors are tired of doing audits.  I would be tired of having people unhappy with me when I have a pile of unsorted paperwork to work with.

Nobody enjoys an audit.  We’ve talked about it in the past:  what to expect when you face an audit.  

  1. Be prepared with the paperwork –  don’t make the auditor work harder than they need to.  
  2. Don’t be rude or defensive – no need to make the auditor annoyed or angry.
  3. Find a software program that will make it simple.

Lots of people think that Quickbooks is going to make it simple.  Easy access to reports… but those reports aren’t about trucking and mileage per state… That’s not good.

Or you think you can do it all on Google.  You know what you need… but you’ll spend hundreds of hours doing the programming instead of hauling loads and making money.  That’s not good.

Or you may already have a software program that handles your IFTA – if you put the numbers in correctly when you retype the data from one computer to the other.  That’s not good at all.

Are You Scared of an IFTA Audit?

The quickest solution:  Use a trucking dispatch software that manages it all:  dispatches, billing, and IFTA filing.  Then when the auditor comes to call (or asks you to send in all your documentation) you’ll be ready.

We’re Here to Do That For You

The good news is that our trucking dispatch software will help ensure you’re ready should the tax people come knocking. 

  • IFTA calculators do all the math for you.  You’re free from the never-ending nightmare of figuring taxes the old-fashioned way with scrap paper and pencils. You’ll never have to worry about a minor oversight turning into a giant fine.
  • Mileage trackers tell you exactly how far you drive in each state.  You know where your trucks are, and have been, at all times. Not only will this help with IFTA matters, it also simplifies and streamlines the process of paying your drivers.
  • Record-keeping features to organize and report all of your important data.  Your job becomes easier and the tax people’s as well. Having all your information right where it belongs will remove 99% of the pain otherwise associated with an audit.  It’s good for everyone involved.
  • Invoice creation features that bill your clients regularly, ensuring you get every penny that’s coming to you. And, in the event some of them are slow to pay, TruckingOffice will even help you create friendly reminder notices.  Prevent cash flow crunches and enhance every aspect of your business’s operations with software that isn’t limited to just one task.
  • An easy-to-use cloud-based subscription model frees you from having to manage upgrades, following confusing directions, or worrying about viruses and hard drive crashes. Even if your computer develops problems, your irreplaceable information will rest safely in the cloud, protected by the same cutting-edge features used by giant companies like Walmart,, and Google.

What Do You Get When You Use TruckingOffice trucking dispatch software?

You get the peace of mind that you’re ready for an auditor to come in.  You have your data.  You’ve filed using TruckingOffice and you’ll know your numbers are right.

You don’t have to be scared of an IFTA audit if you’re using TruckingOffice.

The best way to find out about our trucking dispatch software is to take it for a free 30-day test drive starting today. And leave your payment information in your wallet. You won’t need it until you decide to go with us for the long haul. 

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