The ELD mandate started years ago. Many of the complaints were resolved over time . Truckers are used to them now. The ELD’s purpose was to reduce the number of accidents. But the usefulness of the ELD data isn’t just about hours of service. It has plenty of other valuable information for truckers. That’s why TruckingOffice PRO trucking software has an option for integrated ELD with the trucking software.

Accurate ELD Data for IFTA and IRP

IFTA and IRP taxes are based on miles driven in each state or jurisdiction. It’s important to file them correctly. Failure to file accurately leads to fines and penalties. But as bad as underpaying those taxes is, it’s worse to overpay. We have to remember that when we overpay

  • They don’t deserve that money.
  • They don’t pay interest on it.
  • We don’t have the money in our pockets.

Paying the exact amount is the smartest thing we can do.

So how do we make sure?

Use your ELD data. TruckingOffice’s ELD reports its location every 15 minutes. That way you know when and where your rig is. With that information loaded from the ELD into TruckingOffice PRO’s trucking software, your IFTA and IRP reports will be accurate to the penny.

ELD Data for Detention Evidence

Before the ELD mandate, a shipper had the choice of believing his shipping crew or believing the driver when a claim for detention pay is made. What evidence did a truck driver have of how long they waited for a load for for a delivery? With the ELD data of location and time, you’ve got the evidence of where your truck was and how long it was there. In a dispute over detention fees, ELD data can support a trucker’s claim and increase their chances of getting their detention fees paid.

We bill detention fees on an invoice. Having that ELD data that is integrated with your trucking software program will make it easier. You’ll know where the data is and can find it when you need it. (And you’ll know when the invoice is paid!)

Load Location Tracking using ELD Data

TruckingOffice’s ELD gives the truck driver and the trucking business office the best of communication options. Updates and corrections for the load can be added to the ELD. Changed delivery address? No problem with TruckingOffice ELD. The driver won’t need to write it down somewhere and maybe lose it or write it down wrong.

For the fleet builder or manager, ELD and TruckingOffice PRO provide the ideal way for a dispatcher and a driver to keep each other up to date on location. With the ELD link via smartphone or tablet, a fleet manager can communicate up-to-date information about a load and receive important location details from the ELD. Communication is key with drivers and with shippers, which is why TruckingOffice PRO and TruckingOffice ELD togetheris the best combination for truckers on the road.

Trucking Software and ELD: Data Management

Ever try to find a video that you remember watching a few months back? When you look for it again, especially if you’re on a different computer or device, it’s worse than looking for the needle in the haystack.

Keeping all your data on one platform makes sense. Instead of trying to figure out where and when you were on the road and with what load, you can use your ELD data to help you find that data quickly.

Managing data is the key to your success as a trucking owner-operator. Keeping it together and easily searched makes you life better and less complicated.

Trucking is hard enough with all the regs and restrictions. Make it easy by using trucking software and ELD together.

For that, you need TruckingOffice PRO.

Manage your trucking business with TruckingOffice PRO. With a system that starts from dispatch through delivery to invoicing , you will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for you to

  • create a dispatch and routing
  • monitor unpaid or late pays
  • know if you’re making enough money for a load
  • track and control your equipment maintenance.

TruckingOffice’s free trial will give you enough time to discover the power of the right trucking management software. Right now, you can sign up for a free trial without any credit card or debit card. Give TruckingOffice PRO a try today.

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