What’s the meaning of LTL Freight? It’s a question that’s often searched on the Internet: LTL freight meaning. Every industry has their own abbreviations.

  • ELD – electronic logging device
  • TMS – trucking management software
  • IFTA – International Fuel Tax Agreement

So what’s

LTL freight?

LTL freight means Less Than (a Full) Load. It’s a term that applies to loads that don’t fill a trailer. But if a company wants to ship a small load, they expect to pay a small amount. How can a trucker make that work? There’s no point in taking a small load if there’s no profit.

Some truckers find this niche to work for them. Instead of taking one load, they take multiple loads at the same time.

The trick to making LTL freight shipments profitable is to manage your trailer’s space and take multiple shipments.

How to Manage LTL Freight?

The key to managing LTL freight is ORGANIZATION. Not just a little bit of organization. This requires an ability to put several pieces in motion at one time. An LTL freight shipper has to keep track of

  • pick ups,
  • routings
  • deliveries,
  • the sizes of the loads,
  • the weights of the loads,
  • balance the weight,
  • right placement in the trailer.

Then there’s the whole billing process. How do you bill for a load that’s taken hundreds of miles out of the way for the other delivery?

LTL Freight Meaning: Organization

Organizing your LTL freight business, whether it’s in a full-sized semi-tractor, a box truck or a car trailer, you have to have superpowers like a Marvel superhero.

That’s why anyone who wants to break into the LTL freight needs the support of a complete trucking management software. From planning loads and trips, through the deliveries and the invoicing, your trucking business needs the tools to organize everything.

Here’s the deal with LTL freight: you’ve got to be flexible as well as disciplined. So your trucking software needs to go on the road with you.

So, if LTL freight meaning starts with organization, it ends with TruckingOffice PRO trucking software. Combined with the TruckingOffice ELD to precisely track miles and HOS, you can’t find a better trucking software package for your trucking business.

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