St. Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and you have a problem.  You need a gift.  Might we suggest a trucking management solution?

TMS is now Trucking Management Solution

What do you give a trucker who spends days on the road and then hours at home managing the paperwork?

You give that trucker a break.

Managing a trucking operation, whether it’s a single owner-operator or a fleet, takes multiple skills and a very organized mind.  It’s a challenge to keep an eye on the bottom line while also trying to set up routes, locate loads, make sure the engine is serviced regularly and that old invoices are all paid.

Being self-employed means you’re the boss, the bookkeeper, and the window-washer all the time.  It’s stressful and it’s aggravating when something important slips through your fingers.

It’s not just about making sure the DOT paperwork is up today.

Or that the IFTA gets filed on time.

Your trucker can find individual software programs to do all those things.  What your trucker needs  need is an all-in-one trucking management solution.

Individual software programs make things harder – they create more problems.

What your trucker needs is solutions, not more problems.

Looking at new software always brings up questions.

 1.  How long is it going to take to learn this?

A valid question.  It’s called a learning curve because it takes so much time to learn it that anyone would wonder why they’d try.

2.  What problem is it going to solve?

Here’s where the rubber meets the road.  Starting with a new software system does not guarantee that it’s going to solve any problem at all.  In fact, it may be just the opposite.  If an owner-operator has a program especially for the IFTA, but it requires the extra step of reloading all the miles into the new program instead of importing them, the problems can grow.  Data reentry leads to mistakes with number.  That leads to a lot of time trying to track down where the bad numbers are and fixing them.

3. Where do I have to do this work?

Is your trucker going to come home to you – and instead, spend hours in front of a computer?  With all the trouble about hours of service and long downtime while waiting for loads, it makes sense to double up on the tasks.  Can the software be used on a smart phone or a tablet?

Three simple questions.  Not so simple answers.  That’s why a trucking management solution is for your trucker.  It’s not a software that does one thing and won’t interact with other programs.  It’s not a time suck that takes time away from loved ones.

Looking for a St. Valentine’s Day gift?

We recommend TruckingOffice Trucking Management Solution.  And if you’re worried about getting something as important as a TMS, we have a free trial for your trucker to find out just how good our solution is for their problems.  You won’t have to commit a dollar or a credit card until your trucker is ready.

They’ll love it.  Isn’t that the point of St. Valentine’s Day?

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