According to the government’s ELD mandate, trucking companies are now required to install an electronic logging device in their trucks. This is to monitor truckers’ driving time. The mandate is also to ensure compliance with hours of service rules. To make this transition easier on drivers, owner-operators and fleet builders in the trucking industry we have designed an ELD app.

We understand that many aren’t happy with these new requirements and aren’t entirely sure how to go about ensuring that they are 100% compliant. Because we are truckers we are aware of ELD standards, and have used this in creating our easy-to-use electronic logging app for fleets of all sizes. 

How Our App Works

The way the ELD app works is this. The vehicle interface device plugs into the electronic control module port located under the vehicle’s dashboard. The device is designed to communicate with the computer in the truck to track drivers’ hours of service. It will automatically transmit the necessary information directly to the truck log app on their phone. That’s it!

The best thing about the truck log app is that you can download it right from the app store onto your phone and it does all the work for you. No more paper logs, no more tracking miles, no more confusing calculations. And no need to have a bunch of extra equipment crowding your cab. 

The Basics of our ELD System

So, now you’ve got the basics of the ELD system covered, but you may be wondering about using your own phone for the app and how you can make sure your personal information is secure at all times.  

A lot of drivers are nervous about the ELD app on their phone.  Do they have to turn over their phones to a law enforcement officer?  ELD App Secure TruckingOffice

There’s a lot of data on our smartphones.  Personal information about our private lives.  Pictures of loved ones.  Images of our BOLs to send to our customers.  Email.  Our browser history.

Lots of data that we don’t want to just let anyone see.  And if a cop wants to see our ELD report, do we have to give them our phones?

TruckingOffice ELD app on your smartphone

Because we are working with a trucker on our ELD app team, we’ve already decided how to handle the law enforcement request.  I’m going to send a report from the TruckingOffice ELD app.  Just that simple.

The regulations don’t require that we turn over our phones – just that we provide the information upon demand.  The email option is in the regs, too.  A cop can’t just demand your phone if it’s possible for you to send an email.

Secure Report Feature

The TruckingOffice ELD app requires an active cell phone to collect and report the data.  This is good for a lot of reasons:

  1.  You don’t have a bunch of cables and extra equipment in your cab that you have to deal with.  The data is uploaded on a regular basis to the databases.  You aren’t stuck with the mechanical hassles when you use a wireless system.  The bluetooth link is automatic and easy to set up – you won’t even notice when the data is transferred to the system or uploaded like a text message to our database.
  2. Some apps are very limited – your data is only stored on your phone.  Sure, why not?  Nobody ever loses their phone.  Nope, nobody ever rolls over their phone with the wheels of a flatbed, right?  Nobody ever drops their cell phone into a sink.  Sarcasm aside, this has to be the most dangerous idea I’ve heard.  Your smartphone is one of the greatest tools we truckers have, but it’s not the safest way to store data.
  3. You can look at the records on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  Have you ever tried to look at a picture you took on your cellphone on your desktop?  It takes more work than I want to do – that’s why having my data readable on my browser in any format is best.

Spare smartphone for the ELD app?

I know a few truckers who are investing in a second phone for the sole purpose of managing their ELD.  I understand that, but we’re preparing to protect you with a security system that will lock up your phone in the report mode.  NOTHING ELSE will be accessible when you put your TruckingOffice ELD app in report mode.  We’re making it simple to put into report mode so even if you’re flustered or angry at being pulled over, you can do it easily.  Once you get your phone back, you can go back to your normal phone use by entering a code.  Just don’t write the code on the back of your phone and you should be fine.

If you can’t remember the code, we have a simple way for you to retrieve the code through a computer browser.  TruckingOffice makes it easy – and secure.

Still not sure?  Take a look at our free ELD buyers guide.  Get educated to make the best decision for your trucking business.

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