Do you like your ELD? Or does your ELD make you crazy? Are you spending time trying to make it work? Spending too much money for what you’re getting? Is the TruckingOffice ELD easy and affordable?

It sure is! We’ve worked to make the TruckingOffice ELD easy to install and use, as well as priced it for the owner operator to use.

3 Reasons to Consider the TruckingOffice ELD

1. TruckingOffice ELD Easy Installation

TruckingOffice is a plug and play system. You put the VID into the ECM. You download the TruckingOffice ELD app. Sign in and you’re good to go. Is the TruckingOffice ELD easy? It can’t be beat.

By using your own device, you save money, and optimize your investment.

2. Everything Works Through the App

TruckingOffice ELD app gives you immediate access to updates regarding the loads. If the shipper calls with updated delivery information, the driver gets it through the TruckingOffice ELD app on their phone. Some ELDs need their own SIM card to be in constant contact with the office. TruckingOffice works with your current smartphone without tying up the line and draining your data allowance (and your battery.) The home office has access to the critical information that the ELD must track. With that data, TruckingOffice ELD can also take that data and create the most precise IFTA report for the quarterly fuel tax filings. No more worry about over or underpaying the tax! (And IRP too! 👍🏽)

3. TruckingOffice ELD Easy on the Pocket, too

Back in 2016, there were ELDs out there on the market. They were designed for big trucking companies with lots of bells and whistles. And the price tags were just as high. Not too many owner operators could afford those packages.

TruckingOffice saw the need for an affordable ELD for owner operators to fulfill the ELD Mandate. Our ELD system has been approved by the FMCSA since 2017. But by keeping it simple, we’ve kept the price down.

TruckingOffice ELD protects your data

TruckingOffice ELD and Trucking Software Together

For owner operators, managing the ELD is only one part of managing a trucking business. You need a program that will track your dispatches, your invoices, and your vehicle maintenance. Together, they make sure you’re compliant and pay those IFTA and IRP fees on time.

TruckingOffice ELD and TMS work together to streamline your trucking company management. Check us out for a free trucking management software trial!

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