Is it time to add trucks?

Trucking companies are always trying to figure out when it is a good time to add trucks to the fleet.  If you are an owner operator or the owner of a small trucking fleet then I think that you are in trucking at the right time.  Every industry has it’s ups and downs and the trucking industry is no different.  Actually I think that the trucking industry is affected the most when the economy moves.  If freight counts are down then the economy will probably be headed down soon.  We all remember how bad things were in 2009 when the economy was tanking.  A lot of companies big and small went out of business because they could not survive the economic down turn.

Opportunity knocks…

Currently I think that there are great opportunities to start a trucking company or add trucks to the ones you have.  Even though the economy is not as great as it once was I do believe that it has stabilized a great deal.  Because so many trucks were downsized in 2009 the demand for trucks today is high.  Rates are strong in many trucking segments right now, and freight counts have been consistently higher this year than last year.  All indicators point to a stable growing trucking industry.

TruckingOffice is key to success

As we grow our trucking businesses to meet the demands of the expanding tucking industry we need to remember the lessons that we learned in the downturn of 2008-2009.  It is very important to monitor your bottom line.  As you build up and buy new trucks always remember the economy could take a downward turn.  You need to know what your expense per mile is when you are bidding on new freight.  What is your average revenue per mile?  Which freight lanes are the most profitable from your location?  There is more to it than just buying trucks.  Trucking company management software is a must.  TruckingOffice is ideal for monitoring your bottom line as you grow your trucking business.

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