Don’t believe us when we say that your IFTA filing can be done in 91 minutes?

You don’t think you have time to start up a new IFTA filing system. If you’re an owner-operator, you’re looking at that calendar with some concern – the IFTA is due in a matter of days.  You’ve got logbooks.  You may have spreadsheets.  You may have dozens, if not hundreds, of pieces of paper in your shoe-box. New system?  Forget about it!

We won’t forget about it because we can help you.  If you’ve hauled one load per day in the quarter, you can be done in 91 minutes.

91 minutes.  That’s all it will take to get the data entered into TruckingOffice’s One Minute Per Load entry form, and in less than one minute later, you will have a report that is easy to read, ready with the information this IFTA filing requires, and requires you only to relax and enjoy the rest of July.  (Well, you will have to fill out the paperwork.)

IFTA filing can be done fast and efficiently.

IFTA filing won’t ever be fun. We can make it easier so you can have fun – elsewhere.

How do we do it?

Our One Minute Per Load dispatch entry form works with you.  Enter a customer, a driver and consignee once, and whenever you return to the program, your address book can   fill in the details for you.  No chance to misspell a contact or mess up the address- you’ll have it safely stored in the program.

Your routes will be calculated with PC*Miler.  Your costs per mile will be easy to compute.

You will find out how your business is doing – and what you may be able to do to make it better.

Trucking software that works for the owner-operator that you can start using today for free?  What are you waiting for?  Let us help you get your IFTA filing done so you have time to do what you do best. Our 30 day free trial can prove that our IFTA filing report is just what you need.

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