Last week, we said “GO TRIBE!”  and we went to look at the trophy.  (Did you know there was a trophy?)  Every team is represented with a pennant.  All are part of the whole Major League Baseball.  When we think of all the parts of running a trucking business, it’s like the MLB and even the game itself.  All the components must work together for the game and the league to work.

Trucking isn’t just about moving loads from one place to another.  Multiple factors are in play –

  • drivers
  • routes
  • invoices
  • maintenance
  • taxes.

Forget any one of those and your trucking business is in trouble.

How to Win the Trucking Pennant

Just as an MLB team must field a full roster, trucking businesses need a team as well.  Sure, we could go for the obvious catcher, pitcher, fielders, but there’s more to it than just the team on the field.  Owners.  Coaches.  Trainers.  Even the bat boys are important.

In trucking, we’ve got drivers, owner-operators, loading crews – and during this month, many of us are thinking about a tax accountant as part of the team.  With the IFTA due at the end of the month, thinking about passing this task off to a specialist sounds like a good idea.  Like the designated hitter?  Well….. Maybe.  Anyone who can take care of the tax filings and make sure that they’re right – that’s more like the cleanup hitter.

But we can’t have just anyone filling out those forms.  Failure to do them correctly and to pay the right amount of tax has some pretty severe consequences.  We need someone we can trust to do it right.

Or we could use a computer program we trust.

Hit a Home Run with IFTA Trucking Software to Manage Your Business

The IFTA comes around 4 times a year.  There are two choices:  by hand or with software.

By hand can take hours – and that’s if you’ve got all the miles per state correctly recorded and all of your fuel receipts.

With software, it can be quick.  Enter the fuel purchases and hit a button, if your miles per state are already recorded or if the routing was automatically entered.

But if you’re not using a trucking management software, doing the IFTA is doing a lot of the same work again and again.  A good trucking management software program will compute your IFTA for you using the data you’ve already entered.  That’s the home run – you don’t have to re-enter the data and check it to be sure you did it right.  TruckingOffice trucking management software takes the data from the first time you put in your load and invoice information.  It’s already in there for fast reports.

IFTA trucking software handles one part of your trucking business. But there’s a lot more to be managed.  All the components must work together for the trucker and the business to work.   Using one complete package to manage all the parts of your trucking business is smart.  Maintenance.  Invoices.  Expenses.  Routing – there’s a lot to be tracked, reported, and managed.  TruckingOffice can do it all – and more.

Don’t be satisfied with an IFTA trucking software that can’t do more.  You need more.  You’ll find it in TruckingOffice trucking management software – and we make it easy.

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