Your IFTA filing is due tomorrow.

Are you ready for your IFTA filing? Tomorrow is only 24 hours away. Are you staying home today to get it done?

You probably don’t want to think about the 2nd quarter IFTA right now. But maybe we should think about it. It’s already 1/3 done.

Tracking Miles for IFTA

During the first quarter, a lot of us had downtime. IFTA didn’t require a lot of time, or we had a lot of time off the road that we could take care of it. Now that business is starting to pick up with spring, it will be harder to manage the record-keeping.

There are a lot of ways to track miles. But almost all of them include re-entering the data into the IFTA software (or calculator.) There’s where the problems lie.

Transferring numbers can create a lot of pain. Errors creep in. Just flipping two digits can cause hours of problems.

IFTA Software for Beginners

If you’re looking for software to complete your IFTA for next quarter, you’ll want to consider:

  • ease of entering the data
  • accurate mileage reports
  • correct tax rates – updated promptly
  • fast report for filing

Of course, all IFTA programs are going to market themselves this way. It’s the basic standard that you should be looking for, especially you wait until IFTA is due tomorrow.

If you think of IFTA software as all you want it to you, you may be missing the bigger picture. Instead of looking for an IFTA software for beginners, you need to think about IFTA software for your business.

IFTA Software for Trucking Business

Don’t get caught in a trap looking for a software that’s inexpensive but only does one thing. It’s a dead end. What you need is a bigger picture vision. A bigger software that’s going to grow with you as your company expands becomes an investment, not an expense. With that mindset, choosing an IFTA software should only be part of your consideration. A program that manages your IFTA data should be able to use that data in other ways – like

  • dispatching
  • routing
  • invoicing
  • maintenance scheduling.

Investment in the right software will manage all aspects of your trucking business, not just how you pay a tax bill 4 times a year.

That’s why TruckingOffice isn’t just an IFTA software. It’s the core of a trucking business. IFTA is an annoying part of being in the trucking business, but it’s not the most important part of what software can do. The real measure of a trucking software isn’t IFTA but the day-to-day management of money and resources.

IFTA is due tomorrow. Next quarter isn’t so far away, but you can get ready for it now.

But why not get ready for every IFTA in the future? Use a trucking management software that will handle it for you.

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