Use your IFTA to beat your stress

Can IFTA fuel tax software help you make a profit?

Looking at the bottom line after paying your IFTA?  Are you wondering if you’re getting ahead?  Making money?  Able to think about retirement?  Is this the wrong week to ask those questions?

You can have an accountant look over your profit and loss statements from the last year or two to help you figure out your financial standing.  You’ll find out how much you’ve got in the bank.  How much you owe. How much you need for your projected expenses for the coming year.

Your accountant should be familiar with the ins and outs of trucking for you to get good information.  But it’s up to you to decide what to do with it.

Are you making a profit?  Do you know?  Do you know what you’re doing that’s working?

How can the IFTA tell you that?

If you’re working with a good IFTA calculating program, then you’ll have all the data you need at your fingertips to figure this out.  How does that work?

By tracking all your miles, you have the data to figure out your fuel costs per mile to run your truck.  You’ve got your fuel receipts, so you know how much you spent.  That’s pretty simple math, right?  Add up the miles, add up the fuel purchases and divide.

Does your IFTA program do that for you?  Possibly not.

But why not?  That’s a pretty important number for an owner-operator to know.  Not even adding in your maintenance expenses or trip expenses such as tolls, you’d know if a load that you see on a load board or called by your agent is going to cost you money.

That’s pretty valuable information – and your IFTA numbers can tell you.

IFTA Fuel Tax Software Gives Peace of Mind

Sure, sure, IFTA fuel tax software programs make doing the IFTA simple.  You’ve heard it a lot over the last couple of years, and not only from us.

Do you feel relieved?

Yes, it’s still a major annoyance, it’s taking money from our pockets, and it’s pulling us off the road.

But having a number that you can show with confidence if you were to get audited – that’s got to be worth a lot.

Having a number that’s accurate so that you’re not overpaying – that’s a value you can actually put a dollar sign on.

If you have an IFTA fuel tax software that will take care of the numbers so quickly that your coffee doesn’t have time to get cold before you’re done – you can now walk away from the task with a sense of relief that it’s done and it hasn’t cost you a load.

That’s a lot of stress for one computer program to take care of.  But we’re up for it.

I’m a trucker.  I know what you need and I know what you want.  It’s not just the IFTA calculator.  You need a program that can create specialized reports – revenues, expenses and profit per mile.  You need a maintenance scheduler.  And you need a dispatch program that you can enter in a matter of seconds that will create an invoice and figure out the driver settlement for you.

A good software program like TruckingOffice will be able to figure all that out for you from the same data that you enter at dispatch. You don’t need a specialized IFTA fuel tax software that only does one thing. You need a program that does it all. More than doing it all – it gives you the peace of mind knowing that you’ve paid the right amount of taxes and reduced the risk of being audited.

You can relax because your invoices can get sent out before you leave the delivery dock.  That alone will speed up the amount of time it will take you to get paid. You won’t have to guess when the last time you had an oil change done because it will be in the program with a reminder to pop up when it’s time to do it again. Think about all the stress you won’t have to deal with.

Trying to figure out how and why you’re making a profit – or what’s stopping you from doing that – is critical to your success as an owner-operator.

 Doing the IFTA to save yourself stress?

It might just work.

What do you think?

We’re so sure you’ll love our IFTA fuel tax software that we’re offering a free trial. No credit card needed when you sign up.  But once you see the stress you’ll save yourself from and the time you won’t be working on your IFTA, you’ll want to get the best trucking management software available.

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