Do you know the IFTA due date?  They’ve delayed for an extra day this year to April 31st.IFTA due date TruckingOffice method

April Fools!

(There is no April 31st.)

IFTA due date is still April 30, just like every April.

Ever feel like you can’t joke about IFTA?

It is important, not only to file on time, but to file it correctly.

  • Failing to file on time can lead to fines and penalties.
  • Failing to file it correctly can lead to audits – which leads to fines and penalties.

Any way you look at it, you have to do file IFTA.  It’s just a matter of how you do it.

IFTA Filing Method 1:  The Old Way

You pull out all your paper records and find the lost ones.  Compute your miles per state.  Find the correct tax rates.  Compute the taxes due and write the check.  (Time spent:  8-10 hours.  Cost:  a day on the road. Plus postage.)

IFTA Filing Method 2:  The Expensive Way

Pull out all your records and find the lost ones.  Compute your miles per state.  Give all your records and computations to your accountant. Pay them a per hour rate to compute your tax due.  (Time spent: 3 hours.  Cost:  $50-100 for the accountant.*)

IFTA Filing Method 3:  The TruckingOffice Way

Go to the Reports section of TruckingOffice.  Press the IFTA report button.  Wait 30 seconds.  Read the report PDF, pull out your credit card, go to your state website and fill out the form.  (Total time:  5 minutes.  Cost:  nothing.)

Which one is best for you?

It’s possible that someone is still rushing to meet the IFTA due date because they’re doing it by hand.  However, with the ELD mandate, I doubt that too many are still working with paper records.  But I know there are plenty of truckers who are paying accountants to do their IFTA computations.  How do I know?

*Because those accountants are using TruckingOffice.

Yep.  We have accountants who use TruckingOffice to compute IFTA payments.

Using TruckingOffice to handle IFTA is only one way that we help you make your trucking business a success.  Our trucking management software is the solution to making your business grow and succeed.

The IFTA due date is April 30.  Are you going to spend money to have someone else file it or do it yourself?

Let us help.  We’ll give you a free trial of TruckingOffice this month.  Sign up now and you can enter all of this past quarter’s data.  You’ll find it’s easier than you think – we’ll compute the miles per state for you AND have the current tax rates already entered so you’ll know you’re paying the right amount.

Save yourself time and money by getting handling IFTA before the IFTA due date.






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