It’s the first of July.  Do you have IFTA Calculator blues?

IFTA and Maintenance 

There’s a school of thought that says you don’t replace a part until one minute before it breaks.

Only problem with that mindset is… you have to know when that minute is and pray it’s not on the road.

There’s a school of thought that you don’t pay your taxes one minute before they’re due.

Only problem with that mindset is… the line outside the post office can be a mile long or the website can crash because of all the other people who think like you do.

IFTA Blues

Like the country songs we listen to – the woman left, the dog ran away, the pick-up broke down – the IFTA blues share the stories we know every quarter when we have to file again.

It’s like the pick-up broke down every three months.  If you had a pick-up that died every three months, would you keep it?  

Not unless there was some sentimental value to it.  Keeping an old, unreliable piece of equipment causes a lot of stress.  It costs a lot of money in the end. Replacing it with a sturdy, reliable and safe vehicle improves our lives, not just by reducing stress, but in the long run, it saves us money.

IFTA Calculator Blues

How do you calculate your IFTA?  

By hand: this takes hours.  You’ll be off the road for a day just taking care of this task with a solar power or battery calculator.  Do you want to lose a day off? Time away from your family or time off the road? The price is too high. In the 21st century, there are too many other options.  Doing IFTA calculations by hand would make Mary Poppins sing the blues.

Google Sheets/Excel Spreadsheets: At least you’ve got a computer doing the math functions, but trying to track your mileage per state on a spreadsheet takes enough time for the dog to run away and come back again. The time dedicated to managing spreadsheets might be spread out over the quarter, but it’s still going to take you some time to get those numbers from the sheets and check them to be sure before you can file your IFTA.  

IFTA Calculator stand-alone program:  Because you want to reenter your data into another computer program, right?  Then you have to check to be sure that your numbers are right. Your achy breaky heart will surely cry when you have to search for those mistakes. 

Trucking Management Software with IFTA Calculator: If your entire business was run on one platform that reduced the chances of errors, reported your IFTA taxes in seconds, and let you do it wherever and whenever you wanted  – no need to sing the blues about that!

Right Away or Deadline: TMS  IFTA Calculators save you time and money

Honestly, you can live with either mindset.  But it’s a lot less stressful to get both your maintenance and your IFTA done early. It would be sweet if one program did both for you.  

TruckingOffice does both and more.

Because TruckingOffice manages not only the dispatch, routing, ELD, billing and accounting as well as your IFTA, the amount of time you’ll need for your IFTA calculations will drop to next to nothing.  Instead of singing the blues, you’ll be dancing the Boot Scootin’ Boogie by Brooks & Dunn.

So let us get you on the dance floor with a free trial. Try out TruckingOffice now – you can even do this quarter’s IFTA at no charge! You’ll stop singing the blues when you discover the power at your fingertips.

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