We got a call in the office last year. “I hate my ELD!” the trucker said. “But I’m stuck in a contract.”

In other words, it was Tuesday. Not that we don’t hear this on other days. We hear complaints about ELDs from other companies all the time.

ELD Support

By far, the number one complaint we hear about other companies’ ELDs is

They don’t support their product.

Yeah, that’s bad. But also, not unexpected. Many ELD companies

  • don’t make their equipment
  • have other products that they also have to support
  • don’t have good customer service for any product they sell.

So “I hate my ELD” makes sense. Who wants to work with a company that doesn’t put their customers first?

Any good ELD is going to be able to provide a lot of information to the driver or the company they drive for. Does your ELD help with locating loads while on the road?

(You’d think that would be obvious, but some do not.)

Does your ELD data help you to create an IFTA report to make sure you’re not overpaying or underpaying your quarterly fuel taxes?

Shouldn’t it?

We think so!

TruckingOffice ELD + TruckingOffice Trucking Software

You know who doesn’t say, “I hate my ELD”?

Truck company owners or owner operators who use TruckingOffice PRO and TruckingOffice ELD together.

Because there’s nothing to say “I hate my ELD” about.

TruckingOffice ELDs use proven technology to produce an ELD plug and play system that works on any truck. Hot shot truckers can use TruckingOffice ELD and the trucking management system TruckingOffice PRO together to build a great trucking business without a huge investment that some ELD companies expect.

Whether you’re a hot shot driver, box van driver, or a long distance trucker, that ELD system should integrate with your billing system. It just makes sense. From dispatch to invoice, the ELD and trucking management software ought to work together to create accurate invoices. And if the trucking software is creating invoices, it needs to track expenses for every load in every state to produce an IFTA or IRP report.

It’s the data.

The ELD data has had a lot of truckers concerned about “Big Brother.” But when owner operators or small fleet managers use the TruckingOffice ELD plug and play system, they find out that the data is at their fingertips to build a better trucking company.

Why don’t truckers switch to a system that works so much better?

“I Got a Contract.”😖

Yep, we hear this too. Lots of ELD providers lock truckers into expensive long-term contracts.

The mindset that “I’ve already paid for this and I can’t get out of it” locks truckers into ELD systems that ultimately cost them more money.

Think about the IFTA report that you have to create at some point every quarter. How much does that IFTA report cost you?

Lots of people never think about how much that report costs to produce.

⌚If you do it by hand, you’re taking time off the road when you could be hauling freight and making money.

😕If you use a stand-alone IFTA prep software, you’re paying for it. Even the so-called “free IFTA reports” online are free to enter the data. Not so free to get the report. 💰

😩If you pay a professional, you’re taking money out of your pocket for them to do the work.

✅If you use TruckingOffice ELD and TruckingOffice PRO, it’s all part of the package you’re already paying for.

So if you’ve got a contract, are you going to continue to pay for a product that doesn’t do all it can for you?

Before you sign up for another year of bad customer service

Contact TruckingOffice about our ELD. There’s no contract. Plug in our easy to use ELD equipment and discover what you can do with TruckingOffice ELD – save money, save time, and no more ELD headaches!

Switching is hard. We get that. But if “I hate my ELD” comes out of your mouth, then it’s time to switch.

Call today!

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