quarterly IFTA fuel tax reportShould you be thinking about your IFTA now? NO! And here’s why.

Plenty of owner operators and fleet managers never forget the IFTA.  They try to prepare for it monthly with spreadsheets or mileage documentation.  One driver keeps track of his records on index cards he keeps in his truck.  It’s like the monkey on your back – and as the fourth quarter starts to come to a close, it gets harder to ignore it.

But if you have TruckingOffice trucking management software, you don’t have to think about the IFTA until you’re ready to pay it.


TruckingOffice takes the hassle out of preparing your quarterly IFTA fuel tax report.

While no one enjoys paying taxes, our software makes the process easier while helping you to avoid costly mistakes.

How Do You Want To Manage Your Quarterly IFTA Fuel Tax Report?

Those who have been in the transportation business for a while know just what a hassle filling out IFTA fuel tax report forms can be. Traditionally, it has meant long hours hunched over a desk or kitchen table scribbling numbers, figuring and refiguring, and hoping that you got everything right. Then there’s the trip to the local post office to mail off the forms. And heaven help you if you file late, because that adds another penalty to the bill.

Now TruckingOffice removes all those hassles by giving you a single set of online forms you can fill in at your laptop or desktop computer.

By using your already entered data from each of your dispatches and PC*Miler, the number work is already done for you.  You’ll never again wind up with a stiff neck or aching back from hours spent hunched over your workspace. Simply type in your information, press enter, and you’re done.

PLUS – TruckingOffice assists with handy electronic filing, saving you the expense and trouble of finding a stamp, slogging down to the mailbox or post office, and hoping your forms arrive on time. File your quarterly IFTA fuel tax report with a click of the mouse, freeing you from worry and letting you focus on running your business.

This Cyber Monday, you’ll want to bring TruckingOffice into your trucking office.

We’re so sure you’ll love TruckingOffice, we’ll let you take it for a free 30-day test run before you pay anything. Leave your credit card or checkbook in your pocket; we won’t ask for your payment information unless you decide to use our product long-term. So make the smart move. Try TruckingOffice today, and take the stress out of filing your quarterly IFTA fuel tax report.

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