Nothing is more important in the trucking business than real-time shipment visibility.  What does this mean?  It means dispatch can be more proactive and address any problems that might be brewing.  It also means customers know when to expect their freight.  This allows them to plan around any expected delays.  

Think about the last time you ordered a product online for Christmas or another event. You needed it to arrive on time because you had big plans. Every day you clicked on the tracking link.  It provided information about the progress of your package as it moved across the miles. By knowing the arrival time, you could make other plans if necessary.   

The same scenario applies to the trucking industry, but on a larger scale. Scores of trucking companies have millions of dollars in freight out on the highway each day.  Their dispatchers may be using outdated or manual methods.  Therefore, they struggle to track all those loads.  The resulting chaos causes delayed shipments that have a significant economic impact. 

Why You Need a Transportation Management System

Whether you are an owner-operator or a fleet manager, accurate and current data is a necessity. For that reason, trucking management systems (TMS) are more popular today. Thousands of trucking companies use TMS technology for real-time freight and shipment tracking.  As a result, they save time, reduce costs, and consistently meet customer expectations.

With a TMS, load planning and dispatching are more efficient. The system provides all the information you need, all in one place.  This makes it easier to follow-up on loads and plan which loads to assign to which trucks.  

Visibility is about more than tracking vehicles.  It’s about letting the customer’s dock managers and store managers know when to prepare for a shipment.  In this way, they avoid paying people to stand around waiting for who knows how long to unload a shipment.

Real-time shipment visibility translates to a higher level of control over your business.  You’ll be in a better position to examine your operation and find areas where you can improve.

Finding the Best Solution for Your Trucking Management Needs

Today’s truckers face unique challenges due to increased customer expectations, shifting market conditions, and stricter regulations.  They need a reliable solution. 

Our comprehensive TMS package provides the solution truckers need.  It helps motor carriers run an efficient and successful business.  Here’s what our TMS can do:

  • Calculates driver pay.
  • Shows all shipping information at a glance.
  • Helps you find, edit, or add customer data.
  • Tracks fuel expenditures by state. 
  • Calculates mileage using PC*Miler.
  • Creates detailed, accurate invoices.
  • Maintains records for IFTA reporting.
  • Sorts and tracks expenses by category.
  • Ensures DOT-compliant records.
  • Tracks vehicle maintenance and sends preventative maintenance alerts.

Also, real-time data is available with only a few clicks and presented in an easy to understand format.   Another benefit of our system is that all your information is secure.  Plus, you can access it anytime and may allow as many users as you need to have access as well.

A Visibility Solution Designed by Truckers for Truckers

Imagine being completely organized, knowing where your shipments are at any given time. Wouldn’t you enjoy having more time for other tasks?  You’ll enjoy these benefits and more with our system.

We realize it’s hard to believe everything you read. That’s why we want you to try TruckingOffice firsthand. Sign up for this no-obligation 30-day free trial.  Explore the many features of our TMS.   It was created by truckers who know what you need to run a profitable business.  You’ll discover that you’ve been doing things the hard way for far too long.

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