Part of knowing how to run a successful trucking company is mastering the art of dispatching.  I use the word “art” deliberately, because that’s exactly what being a successful dispatcher comes down to.  It means being able to exercise the following responsibilities day after day:

  • Dealing with people who have freight they want picked up yesterday, and who are under so much stress that they often act in less-than-pleasant ways.
  • Talking to drivers who are also under stress, and matching them with loads they may or may not be excited about hauling.
  • Staying on top of where each truck is located at all times.
  • Being able to change a truck’s route as needed, often at the very last minute, to meet rapidly changing customer demands.
  • Keeping your wits and the company together when bad weather, mechanical problems, or AWOL drivers make everything go crazy all at once.
  • Maintaining extremely detailed records of incoming/outgoing calls, truck routes, ETAs of pickups and deliveries, types of freight, etc., during what’s usually a long and very hectic shift.
  • Doing all of this while staying in compliance with countless federal and state regulations regarding trucker rest periods and every other facet of the business.

Being able to do a job like that well requires a specific set of skills and abilities.  These include:

  • Patience with difficult people
  • Detailed knowledge of multiple routes
  • The ability to adapt quickly to changing situations
  • Strong diplomatic and record-keeping skills
  • Enjoyment of constant challenges
  • A mind for details

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