Trucking management software is designed to make life much easier for those who work in the trucking industry. And thanks to many modern advancements, these programs have been successful with doing just that. Having the right system in place to help you manage all the daily details of operating your business can make a huge difference in your profits and customer satisfaction rating. 

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If you are having a difficult time in your trucking business keeping up with loads or getting invoices out to customers on time, trucking management software can help. These programs are designed to work along with ELD which can help you keep an eye on your drivers even while they are out on a run. If you need help with IFTA forms or want to keep all your files and information in one secure location, trucking management software can help. 

Using Our Trucking Management Software to Improve Your Business 

At we want to make things easier for those hard-working individuals who keep the trucking industry running. That is why we have created trucking management software that can help keep you organized with all the important details you need in one convenient location. 

What is TruckingOffice Software?

TruckingOffice is a web-based trucking management program that you can use to run your business more efficiently. The simple accounting software saves records for dispatches, expenses, invoices, maintenance and maintenance plans to keep you organized. 

What to Expect from TruckingOffice Software 

When you first open the screen you will see the easy-to-use dashboard. This provides you with a quick glance about any pending items due. 

The trucking dispatches software has a list that includes a quick summary and highlights for your loads. This shows information for current loads out today as well as those you have planned in the near future. Searching within this list provides you with the details you need fast.

The software program lets you keep track of your expenses by showing you where all of your money goes and also helps to calculate profits. Organizing your cash flow with the expense tracking software can make filing your taxes at the end of the year much simpler. It is also very helpful when filling out IFTA forms.  

Do you need assistance with creating a driver payroll report, or a state miles report? TruckingOffice software can help with that as well. The drive payroll report allows you to create a list of loads every driver handled during a specified period. This makes handling payroll checks much easier because they are more accurate and easy to cut every time. The state miles report feature lets users create a list that provides a quick summary you can view at a glance as well as highlights for each load for the current day or those coming up soon. You can also search within your list to get to specific details about a load even faster. 

Operating your trucking company can be much simpler when you have the assistance of a quality trucking software program. Our team of experts here at are available to help you get started. 

Optimize Your Performance With TruckingOffice’s Integration of TMS with ELD

The purpose of our trucking software (TMS) is to make truckers’ jobs easier.  With a wide selection of features, our system manages all aspects of a trucking business. You can further optimize your performance by integrating the TMS with our electronic logging device (ELD). 

A TMS is a web-based program. It collects data for calculating IFTA payments, expenses, driver pay, invoicing, vehicle maintenance, and more.  An ELD integrates with the vehicle’s engine. It records driving time to ensure accurate Hours of Service (HOS).  The products can work independently of each other.  However, a TMS working in conjunction with an ELD provides significant benefits such as:

  • Drivers save 5 to 10 hours of drive time per week by rounding up to the nearest minute.
  • Ensures accuracy of logs, IFTA reporting, and other mileage-related reports.
  • It helps drivers avoid HOS compliance fines.
  • Information needed for DOT inspections is all in one place.
  • Improves highway safety by keeping drivers HOS compliant.
  • Automatically generate invoices, profit and loss statements, etc. 

Of course, these are only a few of the benefits of integrating our TMS and ELD.  You can learn more by exploring the features of our products firsthand. 

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At TruckingOffice, we offer various programs to help you keep track of your loads. Learn more about your drivers while they are on the road, and get paid faster with invoicing options. Visit us at today for more details. Or you can sign up for the no-obligation free trial

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