A bill of lading for trucking is a critically important document in the shipping sequence. This form proves that a trucker has agreed to move the freight from one place to another. It’s proof of pick up and proof of delivery – absolutely necessary for getting paid. Usually, a shipper will provide it. But sometimes, they don’t.

Bill of Lading for Trucking

As we move more and more online, a bill of lading for a load might not get printed. It’s become a common practice that the trucker will take a picture of the bill of lading after the receiver signs it as proof of delivery. That doesn’t eliminate the need for the paper copy.

Al gets a load that was being returned to the original sender. He gets the paperwork, but he doesn’t have a bill of lading.

“Hey! I need a bill of lading!” Al tells the shipping crew.

“Sorry, we don’t have it. You don’t need it, do you?” Either they lost it or they never got one from the office.

Al needs that BOL to prove that he didn’t steal the load. What can he do?

Fortunately for Al, he uses TruckingOffice PRO. Because he already created a dispatch in TruckingOffice PRO, he simply pressed the Create A Bill of Lading button on the website. All the details needed on a bill of lading are entered when the dispatch is created, so there’s no need to re-enter any data. With the bill of lading easily produced, Al sends it to the shipping crew’s printer, where they print it out and sign it for him.

Now Al can get on the road.

TruckingOffice PRO trucking software prevents the crisis

Sure, if a trucker is using Google Docs (for example) for their business, they can create a bill of lading for trucking. It’s just a document, right?

The problem with that kind of thinking is that it fails to recognize how valuable your time is. Do we truckers have time to waste handling paperwork that the office should have handled? Do we need to wait for the shipping crew to talk to the admin upstairs (or worse in another building!) for them to get their act together? Should we try to cobble something together on our smartphone – any maybe miss an important detail?

Our time is important. Sure, stuff happens. But do we need to waste time waiting for it to get fixed? Or do we step up like a pro and take care of it?

Shortcuts help. We all have our favorite shortcuts, don’t we? It’s the peace of mind we need when we’ve got a way to handle these little, stupid problems quickly and efficiently.

Your time is valuable. We have to manage our time to make a profit. That’s why the TruckingOffice PRO Create a Bill of Lading is one shortcut you can use when someone has messed up. Or when you’re handling an LTL load. A bill of lading for trucking LTL loads for shippers who might not know – you can take care of the problem like a pro.

Peace of Mind When the Business is Handled

Managing a trucking business means juggling a lot of different tasks. That’s why a trucking software the manages dispatches, invoices, and even missing bills of lading is so valuable to any trucking business. When problems arise on the road or in the office, a good trucking manager knows the value of a software program that helps resolve the troubles, not create more.

Tracking all the details and managing the trucks on the road is complicated. TruckingOffice PRO gives any fleet manager or owner operator the same tools that the giant trucking industry leaders have – at far less a price.

Why pay a software program that manages 1,000 vehicles when you only have 10? Or 1? Get a software program that suits your business and grows with you. We don’t need the bells and whistles when a simple to use program will do the job.

Try TruckingOffice PRO today for free!

Bill of lading for trucking problems? Can’t keep track of invoices that haven’t been paid yet? Need a system to organize your maintenance records? We’ve got you covered.

You can try TruckingOffice PRO for free! TruckingOffice offers a free trial for you to discover what you need in a complete trucking management software. Sign up today!

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